Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Savage Kobolds

I simplified my Kobold warband, and gave it another outing against the Dwarves this lunchtime. I didn't take any pictures though.

The simplified warband is:

1 x Kaptain - Q3 C3 - Leader, Savage
10 x Warriors - Q4 C2 - Savage

In this game they wiped the Dwarves out with no loss. Some of it was down to the Dwarves getting some terrible activations, but a lot of it was simply down to the Kobolds being able to mob individual opponents with four or five attackers, and easily defeat them. The Savage trait meant that they scored a few gruesome kills and, whilst the Dwarves pass morale on a 2+, they got enough failures to break up their force and allow the Kobolds to pick off isolated individuals.

NB: The above warband is 306pts, which is fine because the Dwarf one I was using is the same. If you're playing strictly to 300pts, drop Savage from the leader.

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