Monday, 26 October 2020

Frocktober 2020 - Part 2

This year is the first time I've been on holiday whilst trying to do Frocktober. More specifically, a camping holiday. But I wasn't going to let my living in a tent for two weeks stop me from parading about in a frock, so took a few with me.

If you want to skip the frocks you can simply go to our Frocktober donations page here, and make a contribution towards the owrk of the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation here in Australia: IT HAS POCKETS

Still here? Well, on with the frocks. There are only two, but I took plenty of pictures to make up for it.

Frock Five was this pink and blue beauty. Catherine matched it (indeed surpassed it) with one of her own. They're both from the same designer - Vanessa Tong.

We took our lovely dresses to Cowra's Japanese gardens; a prefect setting for some flounces and fundraising.

Frock Six - My second dres from this year's sponsor Little Party Dress. I thought gingham was a perfect look for wandering around country New South Wales, but ended up wearing it in the opal-mining town of Lightning Ridge.

Indeed I had to give up my cute straw hat for this more practical piece of headwear at some point.

Still, I got the hat back when we roamed around the nearby cactus garden.

So that's it - only two frocks in two weeks. But our fundraising is still going well. We'd love lots more cash though! So here's that link again: IT HAS POCKETS

One week to go. How many frocks can it fit in?

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