Saturday, 10 October 2020

Frocktober 2020 - Part 1

Yes, it's that time of year again. The time of year when I wear more dresses than I normally do (and that's saying something), post lots of pictures and actively encourage you all to donate to FROCKTOBER!

So what is Frocktober? Well, here in Australia it's an annual charity event where those of us who like to wear a nice dress from time to time put them on, show them off and encourage people to contribute money to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Ovarian cancer is a gynecological cancer that's particularly hard to detect, and the foundation's researches are focused very much on making detection easier. Because early detection makes the likelihood of an effective treatment higher. And effective treatment is what we want; an Australian woman dies of ovarian cancer every eight hours.

The hardcore Frocktober participants will wear a different outfit on each of the 31 days of October. Some even do themed challenges. If you're on Instagram or Twitter you can follow the hashtags #Frocktober2020 or simply #Frocktober and see what they're up to. My goals are more modest. Wearing a frock every day for 31 days isn't really viable for me, so once again I have set myself the challenge of at least ten frocks during the course of the month. In my previous two years of direct fund-raising I have managed over $1000 and worn 24 different frocks.

Once again my wife, daughter and I have formed a team, and once again it's called IT HAS POCKETS

On to the frocks so far.

Frock One - This year's Frocktober is sponsored by Little party Dress, so all participants gout a voucher to spend with them I got a couple of dresses from them, which will both feature this year. This one was my boldest choice; I love a bit of colour or a good print, but not normally this excessive. 

Not only eye-catching, but ... It Has Pockets

Frock Two - I wore this earlier this year, but it seemed a perfect choice for a high-tea with the family up in Sydney. A parasol and gloves were essential for that Sunday Promenade In The Park look.

Catherine, Maya and I all made the effort.

And the high-tea was lovely.

Frock Three - Something more restrained after my colourful start.

Frock Four - Regulars will know that this is my favourite style of dress. I have a lot of these. This is the first to appear in this year's Frocktober, but certainly won't be the last.

Finally here's a picture of Maya in one of her dresses from last week, being wheeled around Bunnings (our local big hardware chain) by my wife. Apparently a broken arm means that she can't walk  ...

There will now be a short intermission as we head off on holiday for a couple of weeks ...

But don't forget ...  IT HAS POCKETS



  1. Quite a fashion show, Kaptain! I have the fashion sense of a whelk, but I thought the first and fourth numbers quite becoming.

  2. Shocking stats ovarian cancer...I suspect it's just as bad here in the UK.


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