Monday, 5 October 2020

Burlesque Update #17

A short update this time, but one which I thought deserved its own post.

As promised in the last Burlesque Update, we did a show last weekend - our first student showcase since last year, and my first time on stage since March. 

And there will be photos once they've been organised and processed. You can be sure there'll be an update covering that.

Anyway, on the day of the show we started early so that we could fit in a technical rehearsal. Maya got two steps into hers, slipped, and fell. She was obviously not happy either. We administered first aid, and it was obvious that she had hurt her wrist and was in shock.

She had plenty of movement, so was given an ice-pack for the sprain, some drinks to deal with the shock and a place to lie down and rest.

And hour or so later she felt better and, with her arm wrapped in a tight bandage, went out and did her rehearsal. 

Later on she made her solo performance debut, and aced it! We were very proud of her, especially given her fall.

Anyway, she went home, but her arm was still obviously painful.

A couple of days later she went to the doctor to get her sprain checked out. He sent her for an X-ray.

Her wrist was, in fact, broken in two places. She had to have surgery to fit pins and a metal plate.

So say hello to Maya, who made her solo burlesque debut with a broken arm!

(And who accessorises her sling)

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