Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Life On Mars?

Today seemed a good day to break out to break out the Martian armies for a game of HOTT

Green Martians attacked a Red Martian city.

The Red Martian defenders ...

... led tonight by an Earthman, Major Tom. Or maybe he's The Thin White Duke. Take your pick.

The Green Martians charged.

The Thin White Duke went his own way, doing his own thing.

Red Martian flyers slowed the advance ...

... then went into the attack, deciding that they could be heroes, just for one day. The Thin White Duke also got stuck in.

The Green Martian jed led an attack right into the heart of the Red Martian forces.

His supports were repulsed ...

... and left all alone he was slain, breaking his army

That was a quick game.


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