Sunday, 31 January 2016

HOTT On The Ice And Sand

I played a couple of games of HOTT this afternoon, set in rather different environments. It's feels like it's been a while since I played straight 24AP HOTT, so I was quite looking forward to it. And I decided to try some of my more esoteric armies.

The first saw my Wildlings facing the Inland Dwellers of Etah, both armies from the land of ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs flow. The Wildlings are, of course, derived from Game of Thrones, whereas the Inland Dwellers of Etah are a mixed force of various nasties from Inuit mythology.

The Inland Dwellers defended, and the Wildlings ended up attacking across ice floes and fissures.

The Wildlings.

The Inland Dwellers of Etah.

The Wildling's mounted general was supported by a mighty giant.

The Inland Dwellers are a mixed bag, led by a Magician.

The Inland Dwellers attacked first, sending various Beasts to attack the Wildling's left before it could extricate itself from the rough going.

The Wildlings attacked rapidly with their foot-soldiers on the other flank.

The opening stages of the battle.

The Wildlings swept towards the Inland Dweller's left.

They also advanced their mounted troops and the giant.

Battle was joined.

On both flanks.

The giant came under attack from the flank, but saw off his foes.

However the evil sorcerer that commanded the Inland Dwellers wove dark magic and caused the Wildling commander's horse to stumble on the ice, throwing him and killing him instantly.

This left the Wildlings without a leader, and with casualties about equal on both sides their army soon collapsed.

I moved somewhere warmer for my next game - the Australian Outback, pitting my Warriors of the Dreamtime against the Horrors of the Dreamtime. I've been meaning to play this matchup for a while, as I think the armies are unbalanced and that the Horrors need a revamp.

Here are the Horrors of the Dreamtime, defending.

The Warriors, a small force, were attacking.

The armies closed. The Horrors are made up of an eclectic mix of troop types, difficult to run as an organised whole, but they have troops which are dangerous to those of the Warriors.

However the appearance of the Great Spirit early on saw the Warriors ready to take the fight to their foes.

In a risky attack, the God took on the Horrors' Magician, the evil Goose Women, whilst whirlwind spirits kept the other monsters at bay.

With the Goose Women destroyed, the Great Spirit turned on the mighty Wulgaru, destroying that as well.

His work done, help left the Warriors to win the battle for themselves, which they did with a fierce attack ...

... which drove all before them.

With his minions in disarray, the evil Spirit Marmoo fled, ready to fight another day.

  Both games were quite short, the one being won by a lucky magical attack and the other by the early appearance of a God. That's HOTT for you.


  1. A fine pair of encounters.

  2. Amazing figures there - love the Great Spirit and huge headed guy. I've never played HOTT, but know how popular it still is.

    1. The huge-headed guy is Kajutaijuq, a spirit from Inuit mythology (obviously).

  3. These are some of the coolest HOTT armies I've ever seen! And the themed pairings are brilliant. Those poor Wildings - imagine seeing Kajutaijuq coming for you! Great reports Kaptain.


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