Friday, 1 January 2016

2015 In Pictures

To follow on from the review of 2015, here is a selection of photos from the past year, with minimal wordage.

Great Northern War On A Grid

Battle of Lissa

Elf On Elf Action

Great Northern War

Micro Terrain

Burning Panzer


One Hour In Venezuela

Dark Ages DBA
Sudanese Troops in Mexico
Battle of Vilcapugio
History of the World
Return to Blenheim
Monster City
A Chilly Weekend in Katoomba
Tom Sawyer and The Anarchist
The Penguin Says "Top That, Lady Butler!"
The Rachel Duncan Pencil Experience
Flying Carpet
The Great War
Battle of Towton
Caesar's Wooden Horse
Crashing Into Asteroids
Paper Pike And Shot
Attacking a Redoubt
General Blofeld
Wrecked Bus
The Pons
Every Driver's Nightmare
Elegantly Attired For Frocktober 2015
At the Mad Max 2 Museum

Fluxx In The Pub

Tea and DBA

More Paper Pike and Shot

My Son, The DJ

Club Game

Let's Kill Hitler. Again.

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