Monday, 9 March 2015

Liberated Hordes 3.0

It's taken me  while, but I've finally put together and tidied up the latest version of my 'Hordes of the Things'  variant for the South American Wars of Liberation. To be honest there's less and less HOTT in there all the time, but you still need HOTT to play it

Liberated Hordes v3.0

You can also find a link to it under 'Variants' on the 'Free Stuff' page.

As before it uses its own troop types; I dropped the HOTT ones altogether rather than try to shoehorn historical troops into the categories. But I make a lot of use of modifying the losing die roll post combat, making it easier or harder to destroy elements in certain circumstances. Obviously there's more shooting than you normally get in HOTT, but in what seems to be keeping with a lot of 19th century warfare in Latin America the bayonet, lance and sabre are the weapons of decisive combat.

It gives a good, fun game which seems to generally fit with how I perceive the battles to have gone. And that's all you can ask for from a set of rules.


  1. Nice looking game and wee-troops. I'm just getting into smaller scale gaming myself.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing this new version of "LIberated Hordes" Alan.
    Fortunately San Martin and Bolivar did not employ this set of rules in his battles.
    It seems very difficult to win with a patriot army :-)!

    1. Well, they didn't win every time for real :)


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