Friday, 7 May 2021

Thursday HOTT

It's been a few weeks since I played HOTT, so a couple of games with Geoff at the club was a very welcome treat last night.

Geoff used his generic medieval armies. In the first game I defended with my Fishmen (although I've just noticed that Geoff deployed a stronghold as well - those DBA habits die hard).

This was his cleric - an impressive clergyman on a cart. Can you guess how Geoff made the banner?

Anyway, the battle started with an ambush by some brigands as the left flank of the Fishmen passed through some mud-flats.

Then the armies plodded towards each other. The Fishman artillery disrupted the advance of the knights opposite them. 

The giant troll was working its was around to the right flank when the armies met.

He was therefore in a position to plug a gap caused by Geoff's general boldly riding down my artillery. Geoff wisely had his general retire.

To be honest by this stage I was in a rather sticky situation, as Geoff's knights had ridden down a lot of my army, and I was close to the break-point. But I managed to stage a fight back, and got a few of Geoff's elements in return.

It wasn't enough though. Geoff picked up a final kill for a well-deserved win.

We set up a second game, and this time I switched to Asag and the Stone Allies. Geoff kept the same army, but swapped out his cleric and lurker for a hero. So we both had a hero in play.

Somehow Geoff's riders ended up fighting my entire mass of hordes. They died rather quickly.

As Geoff's knights approached, the hordes charged them.

This broke both sides up. The rest of the troops got stuck into each other as well. Losses were about equal on both sides.

Geoff went for the bold move, and attacked Asag with his own hero. The winner would take the game. The winner was Asag.

We were happy with our two games, as it meant I could leave early and squeeze in the 'Line of Duty' finale before bedtime. And one win each was a nice result too.


  1. Thanks for posting. Being able to get 2 exciting games in comfortably in an evening with little fuss and bother for set up and take down is a great strength of Hott and dBA. I love them for historical games but still enjoyed your reports!

    1. Yes, the fact that HOTT has very low prep is one of its great strengths. Last night I didn't know I had a game of HOTT in the evening until mid-afternoon but it only takes a few minutes to grab a board, some terrain and a couple of armies, then I'm good to go.

  2. Thanks for the batrep! Always nice to read about a HOTT game.

  3. Glad to see your gaming club life has resumed, you're streets ahead of where we are in Canada.
    I'm always partial to an impressive clergyman so really liked Geoff's banner. I should seriously look into HOTT for my LOTR armies, it looks a lot like DBA from what I can see.


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