Sunday, 12 May 2013


A Dalek T-Shirt is always a good choice for a present
Well, that's another birthday been and gone. from a games point of view it was fairly limited - I got both expansion sets for the boardgame 'Quirks', after we rediscovered its simple pleasures on holiday a few weeks ago. Otherwise I got clothes and a few bits and pieces for the girl in my life. I did get a pile of money, though, and there's a few game-related items I shall be looking at purchasing, assuming that I don't spend it all on frocks first - having two money-pit 'hobbies' is always a bit of a balancing act financially.

I was planning on trying out some ACW 'Black Powder' this weekend, but I seem to have kept myself occupied with friends and family so far, so it hasn't materialised. There's also some RPG stuff I'm pottering around with - that's more likely to materialise by the end of today, as it has a lower preparation/setup/play time. We'll see.

Anyway, I'm a year older now. And maybe a year wiser. Who knows.


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