Sunday, 23 June 2013

Dropped Weapons In The Arena

One of the features of 'Munera Sine Missione' is that certain critical hits cause you or your opponent to drop equipment, which then has to be recovered. This, of course, needs to be recorded on the board somehow, so I this weekend improving the markers I use.

I made some weapons and shields years ago, but they are small, and fiddly to use, so I decided that putting them on bases was the way to go. They get in the way of the figures a little more, but are easier to pick up and move, which offsets this.

I used coins and washers for the bases. Each was coated in PVA, then heavily sprinkled in sand. Once dry I painted it in a base colour:

I then washed them in a darker colour and dry-brushed in a lighter. Like you do.

Here are the bits I use. The weapons are mostly toothpicks, the net is a piece of plastic hair-roller, the shields are card with lentil bosses and the lasso a piece of florist wire. The helmet is a commercial cast in hard plastic that I was given by Victor last year - I can't remember the manufacturer. Apart from the helmet they are crude, but serviceable.

And here they are glued to the bases.

Finally Drusa (left) and Murranus (right) show them in action.

(Did I say? I spent a lot of last weekend giving all 66 of my gladiator miniatures permanent names - they're on little labels attached to the underside of their base).

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