Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A Mystery Solved

This is a wargames blog. Bear with me on this post.

A couple of weeks ago we got a phone-call. It was from the RSPCA, telling us that we'd won third prize in their raffle. This consisted of $500 worth of pet stuff, for both dogs and cats. How exciting, we thought. Except that we had to go down to Canberra to collect it.

Now that was odd. How had we managed to enter a raffle which required us to collect the prize from a city 200km away? It seemed an odd way to run a raffle.

Still, it sounded worth having. We have a couple of cats, and there was likely to be stuff in it for them, and our nieces both have dogs, so they could have the other bit.

We contacted our friends in Canberra, and they offered to collect it for us. We said that they could pick through the prize and take anything they wanted for their dogs, but having collected it they said that it was too nicely wrapped and presented, and they didn't like to do it on our behalf. So they invited us down for the weekend - always a way of making a trip to Canberra worthwhile.

We finally saw our prize - here it is:

The four of us spent a happy hour or so rifling through it (and John and Cathy had a few bits for their dogs). And whilst we did so I finally clicked how we'd won it.

Cancon! Canberra's premier wargames show!

Read through my post on this event back in January. One of the high points was the RSPCA stall, and the how the kittens there seduced us into buying raffle tickets. You buy them, but you never expect to win ...

We did though. And now we have a pile of pet books and products to use or give away. Lucky us.


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