Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Army Showcase - The Knights of the Round Table

You've probably seen enough of these figures to last you a lifetime over the past couple of days, but I thought an army showcase was in order.

Back in 2002, a fellow wargamer was downsizing his collection, and gave me an unpainted Peter Pig pre-made HOTT army - The Knights of the Round Table. I started painting them, lost the impetus and stored them away. They emigrated with me in 2008, and stayed in storage until, the other week, I realised I needed a new HOTT army for my 6x6 Challenge project, dug them out, and finished them.

The army is:

1 x Hero General (Arthur)
1 x Hero (Lancelot)
1 x Magician (Merlin)
4 x Knights
2 x Blades
Optional: 1 x Paladin (Sir Galahad)

Here's Arthur

And most of the knights.

Lancelot and Galahad, plus some friends.


And the knights on foot.

That's it really. Lovely figures, of course. Peter Pig rarely disappoints, and they're a joy to paint.

On a totally unrelated note, one of my followers said hello to my son at the 2017 ACRA awards in Melbourne this weekend. Hi there, whoever you are. It's nice to know that my celebrity and his overlap in some small way.


  1. Beautiful knights, spendid colors!

  2. I always enjoy seeing your HotT armies; every time you present a new one, it makes me want to create my own HotT armies. Merlin looks something like an enraged garden gnome!

  3. Nice colour schemes on the knights, great looking army.


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