Friday, 12 August 2022

Gory Bloodbath

I set up another game of Dragon Rampant the other day, using the Orc warband from the previous game, and an Elven warband. I created some random terrain and selected a scenario at random as well, getting the basic Gory Bloodbath fight.

Elves are on the left, with 1 x Heavy Rider with Blessed Weapons (Leader), 2 x Heavy Foot, 2 x Light Missiles and 2 x Heavy Riders. The Orcs once again fielded 1 x Elite Rider with Level-Headed and Fear, 4 x Light Foot and 2 x Heavy Riders.

Both sides had Quests that meant they would only have one battered unit at  a time and were looking to score lots of casualties on their opponent.

The fight opened with a series of actions between the mounted elements on both sides. The Orcs lost a unit of Wolf-Riders, but took out some Elven cavalry in return

Eventually the Elves prevailed, with the second group of Wolf-Riders skulking away battered and never returning to the fight.

Meanwhile the Elves were content to sit and wait for the Orcs to come to them; if the Orcs didn't then the Elves could move up and shoot at them until they advanced or died.

The Orc light foot was going to struggle against the heavier Elves, but the idea was to inflict some hits then try to use their hideously expensive leader to break the Elven units

The surviving Elven cavalry attacked some Orcs who retreated into the village.

Archers rained down arrowy death on another group of Orcs.

Things really weren't going well for the Orcs.

Their leader charged and rolled badly in combat. It was obvious that he wasn't going to score that winning kill.

With no obvious way for teh Orcs to win I ended the fight. I didn't calculate Quests or Glory; I just assumed that the Orcs had lost.

The Elves are a tough proposition in this scenario, which is just a straight battle. In a more involved scenario this pairing might produce some more interesting results.


  1. Thanks for another interesting report, Kaptain…👍🏼.
    Couple of questions -
    What is the significance of the pebbles/casualty recording stones…are they colour coded?
    How do you find DR in comparison to Hott?

  2. The stones show hits - white for one hit and red for three. Small grey stones mean Battered and larger ones show units in Wall of Spears (I need a fourth colour).

    Dragon Rampant is better than HOTT for scenario play or for fights with a skirmish feel. HOTT is for set-piece battles. DR has more more setup; rosters and Quests and so forth. Different, but complementary games.

    1. Thanks, Kaptain…just looking at LR and DR to mix things up a bit from the usual diet of DBA, Hott, OHW and PW. Your batrep caught my attention. 👍👍

    2. Apologies….came up as ‘Anonymous’…no idea why.


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