Monday, 20 June 2016

Supanova and Clobberin' Time!

I was stupidly busy this weekend, with Supanova on Saturday and the Waterloo refight on the Sunday. But I did find time to pull together the various notes I'd been making regarding changes to the current draft edition of Clobberin' Time.

Some of the changes have been tested and, I'll freely admit, some of them haven't. But I have been excited to discover, in recent weeks, at least two other people playing these rules, and they have suggested ideas which I thought were worth introducing into rules and putting out there for further testing and discussion.

Draft 0.3 of Clobberin' Time is now available on my FREE STUFF page. In it you will find improved rules for lifting and throwing, new rules for knockback, optional rules for making use of the Jokers in activation and for engaging multiple targets and a number of new abilities - Boost, Regeneration, Tactics, Heavy and more. Get into that phone-booth, ditch your everyday identity and fight some villains. It's Clobberin' Time!

I mentioned Supanova above as well. Catherine and I had a grand day out there on Saturday, but I ended up taking no photos aside from our own cosplay.

Here's Catherine as Fireball XL5's Dr Venus:

And here I am as Crack Comics' 1940, Madam Fatal - Maybe a sweet little old lady ...

Possibly a daring crimefighter ...

But definitely a dedicated transvestite!

Now we've got to start thinking about costumes for next year.


  1. Cool! Funnily enough I'd been collating all the profiles you'd posted do far into one document and attempting to add the additional rules you'd posted into my "master" copy. And Roger has posted a link to your site, as someone was asking about a suitable set of superhero rules and he suggested yours. As soon as I'm back at my main PC, I shall download a copy!

    1. You've reminded me that I forgot to update the profiles in the rules to take into account the removal or renaming of some abilities :)

      The profiles are, of course, not gospel. Even I don't use the same profile for a given character from one game to the next. Like the writer of a comic-book I tweak what the character can do sometimes in order to make for a better story :)


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