Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Forgotten Heroes - Captain UK - Part 4

I have made more progress on my Captain UK conversion for Forgotten Heroes.

Her left arm hardened enough that I was able to smooth it down and shape it a little better. I then added the cuffs of her gloves by glueing thin strips of paper around her wrists. I then made a paper mask and, after cutting off the top of her head (WHAT??) fixed it into place and coated it with glue to give it some solidity. When it's dry I will poke out some eyeholes.

And, yes, I really did cut off the top of her head. It struck me that her hair would be easier to apply as a blob of milliput rather than a thin layer over the top of Catwoman's rather rounded dome.

I thought I might redo the mask as I didn't think the angle of the point was quite right, but I decided to wait until I'd done the hair.

And here she is with hair:

Possibly the hair is slightly bigger than it needs to be, but to my mind it's the most distinctive feature of her look, so I want it to stand out just a little.

Once the hair has set she's ready for her undercoat. Then I can start the tricky job of painting.

1 comment:

  1. Predictive text messed up my previous comment...
    Very nice work, Kaptain. The likeness is spot on. Once it's painted, I think it will be impossible to tell that the left arm was not part of the original figure. And you're progressing faster than the rest of us too...


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