Thursday, 24 May 2012

Elves And Inuit

Another Gong Garage Gamers report. We played HOTT; Geoff, Peter, Dave and myself played a 48AP game featuring High Elves against Dark Elves, then Peter and I played a 24AP game with my Inuit matched pair.

The Elf game - obligatory (at the moment) fish-eye view:

And a more conventional shot:

Elves close:

Oh dear - one of my Dark Elf Magicians is surrounded and killed:

 Charging Elves:

In the centre the Dark Elf Spears didn't fare well against a charge by High Elf Knights:

The Dark Elf left flank was threatened by Knights and a Hero:

The right flank was a bit of a mess:

Another view of the threatened left flank:

Not much else to say; the Dark Elves were outflanked and outfought, barely troubling their opponents. A High Elf victory.

Geoff and Dave left at that point, so Peter and I got out my 15mm Inuit matched pair. The Inuit tribe is in the background, and facing them is the sinister Inland Dwellers of Etah:

The Inland Dwellers have a God:

And he's good for blocking recoils. Whilst wily Inuit hunters killed Etah's Beasts elsewhere on the field, the God helped destroy the Inuit general and their shaman to pick up a fairly swift victory:

I might feature the Inuit matched pair on this bog at some stage.


  1. Please do, they look interesting as well as well-painted!

  2. Nice perspective of the charging elves. The lance looks like it's poking right out of the picture!


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