Tuesday, 21 December 2021

The Solstice Race

I got out Ganesha Games' 'Faustus Furius' because I fancied something light and easy to while away part of the evening. I set up a six chariot race, obviously celebrating the Summer Solstice. It would be run in the open country - Celtic tribesmen have no need for fancy arenas like those Romans do.

The course ran around the sacred grove, around the western rock-outcrop, with the chariots having to do that twice before racing for the finish-line between the two eastern rock-outcrops.

I ran six standard chariots. I didn't feel like trying to keep track of different abilities.

Turn One - And away they went. Blue and White took the lead, whilst Red made a poor start.

Turn Two - Yellow attacked Grey, causing the latter to head off in the wrong direction out of control. Blue and Green had the lead as the chariots rounded the sacred grove for the first time.

Turn Three - Grey ran off the course, so would be delayed for a turn. The other five chariots rounded the grove, although White attacked Green causing his chariot to skid to a halt and lose ground. Blue was edging ahead of the pack now.

Turn Four - Blue took a good line towards the rock outcrop turn, whilst Red and Yellow struggled to keep up.

Turn Five - And Blue was still in front whilst Red was now in second place, having made up for their slow start. Yellow, White and Green were fighting for third place. Grey was so far behind as to not be in the picture.

Turn Six - The chariots round the outcrop, with Yellow now looking strong in second place.

Turn Six saw the first collision, as Grey came out of nowhere, attacked White and caused it to crash into Green. Green was wrecked (although wrecks can be returned to the race in this game) and White spun to a halt.

Turn Seven - I missed taking a picture. A shame as Blue managed to fall foul of enraged spectators (the brown counters), and ended up swerving wildly off course.

Turn Eight - Blue continued off-course, whilst Yellow and Red headed towards the grove for the second and final time. Green had righted their chariot swiftly and got back into the race, whilst White was struggling to turn their team in the right direction. Grey had somehow spun out of control and was also in difficulties.

Turn Nine - Red attacked Yellow, but was beaten back and spun out.

Turn Ten - Yellow looked set to take an easy lead, but fluffed the turn around the grove and crashed. Red was still in difficulty, Blue was taking the long way back into the race, White was back in the running and Grey was nowhere to be seen.

Turn Eleven - Green and Yellow were neck and neck heading around the grove. White was looking strong in third place.

Turn Twelve - Green somehow ended up in trouble again (I can't remember how), leaving Yellow in a commanding lead. Red was now contesting third place with White. Blue was now back in the running as well, with Grey well to the rear.

Turn Thirteen - Into the final turn and Yellow spun to a halt!

Turn Fourteen - Yellow's lead was reducing as White came up strongly. Red was trailing in third place. No other chariot was really in the running as Yellow turned towards the finish line.

Turn Fifteen - Yellow was well out in front, although if White got initiative they could cross the finish line first with enough activations.

Turn Sixteen - It wasn't to be; Yellow cruised across the finish ...

... and White fell just short of finishing in the same turn.

Turn Seventeen - White crossed in second place, with Red hot on their tale. Again, a lucky initiative draw could see Blue jump across the line ahead of Red ...

... whilst Grey and Green were now no longer in the running.

Turn Eighteen - Grey and Green managed to affect the race; closing up on Blue they caused a chain of swerves and skids ...

... leaving Red to take third place.

Turn Nineteen - Blue extricated their chariot from the mess to pick up fourth place, and I ended the race there since Green and Grey were both stationary again and would now simply be disqualified.

 The race was all good fun, even if I have some reservations about the mechanisms of the game. It's a fun piece of entertainment, if nothing else, and the more open 'arena' reduced the frustrating collisions with walls that dogged other games I've played.

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  1. Got the rules, got the chariots, must take them out for a spin. Thanks for the inspiration and have a great Xmas.


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