Monday, 27 December 2021

52 Games

Every so often I set myself challenges on this blog, and I thought that since this coming year was my tenth anniversary I'd try another one.

In previous years I have set myself the goal of playing six games at least six times (and a number of other bloggers did that one with me) and also of playing one game of 'Hordes of the Things' every week for a year. Way back I set myself the task of playing each of the scenarios in 'One Hour Wargames' in order, but that's still ongoing; I think I have around six left to do now.

Anyway, earlier this year I looked at the previous year's gaming and saw that I'd played a lot of different games in that time - some only once, others more than once and a few many times. I wondered how many different games I'd played during the year, but never really got as far as counting them. However it gave me an idea for a new challenge.

In 2022 I will attempt to play 52 different games or sets of rules. Unlike HOTT 52 it won't be 'One Game Per Week', because my brain can't handle that. But over the course of the year I will track every unique game or set of rules I play, and record them in a post here. 

Whether I will complete this challenge or not remains to be seen. I'm in a bit of  a gaming doldrums at the moment, and finding it hard to motivate myself to play much of anything a lot of the time. I hoping this challenge will encourage me to play a little more, as well as make me drag some negelcted games and rules out from my collection in order to make up the numbers.

Wish me luck!


  1. Sounds like a fun way to challenge yourself into playing more and more varied games. Good luck in the coming new year!

  2. Best of luck with that one! And well done for setting an ambitious but achievable goal. I think that I have enough stuff to do this one too - which on reflection I am not actually that happy about! - but not sure if I will take this one on yet.

  3. Good luck! 52 is a lot, I would be lucky to reach a stretch target of 10 different rules/games in one year. I didn't manage to even finish the 6x6 challenge either!


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