Friday, 7 March 2014

Old Stuff Day - 2014

Late to the party as ever, I failed to realise that March 2nd was Old Stuff Day, on which bloggers are encouraged to promote old or neglected posts. My excuse was that I was swanning around Sydney in the pouring rain, with my wife and daughter, photographing rhinos.

I did this last year, when my blog was but a year old, and posted some snippets from an earlier, now dead, blog. But this year you can have some oldies from this blog. I thought I'd promote a trio of my South American Wars of Liberation posts.

Firstly a post promoting some pictures of a couple of refights of the Battle of Maipo. This is an old post linking to even older photos.

Secondly, here's a scenario for the Battle of Huaqui.

And, finally, here's a campaign system for linking battles together, based on the events in Alto Peru in 1812-15

I'll try to promote my Old Stuff on the right day next year.

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