Sunday, 16 March 2014

GNW Russian Infantry - Even More Complete

All done bar the flags. This is a complete Maurice army - a general, ten units of infantry, four units of cavalry and five pieces of artillery. Ideally I should do a couple more units of cavalry, but what I currently have is playable.


  1. Nice. I do like the idea of Maurice, have the rules and cards, but the only suitable figures I have are WSS British - in 6mm, on Polemos bases, so A) not ideal and B) lack of opponents.

  2. Brilliant, I can't wait to see this army at our next Maurice encounter. 10 infantry; that's a good sized force. Is that Peter the Great in the centre of the second last photo? Who are the chaps in red and yellow? Very colourful indeed.

    1. The non-green uniforms are just various ones I found on the 'net, added for variety. Aside from the ones in light blue, who are one of the two Guard regiments.

      And, yes, that's Peter the Great in the middle - I couldn't find a way of making him look 6' 8" tall, though :)


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