Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Great Northern War - Russian Infantry

I have now started on the biggest chunk of my Great Northern War Risk figure painting for Maurice - the Russian Infantry. I've done one test unit already, but my plan is to have at least ten infantry units available. So I now have nine new ones on the go. I did the pikes and basing last night; most of the figures came from my original set, but I constructed one unit from the newer, hard-plastic figures as well. All of the pikemen are soft plastic figures; I have the technique for converting them sorted, so it was easier than trying to coe up with a new one for the hard plastic.

So far I have undercoated them, then given them what amounts to pretty much a full coat in the base uniform colour. Everything else will be painted straight over the top - no dry-brushing, shading or washes.

The blue, and one of the green, units are scheduled to be guard regiments. The rest will be rank and file, mostly in green coats with red cuffs but, as you can see, I have a yellow and red regiment as well, just for variety.

I probably won't get a lot more done on them this week; I'm wargaming tomorrow evening, and I'm at a photographic exhibition opening night party on Friday. However I'm gallery sitting for six hours on Saturday, and not anticipating many visitors, so I will pack up the necessary paints and brushes and spend the day doing as much painting as I can.


  1. Great productivity, good to see those Russians taking shape. Looking forward to seeing your finished army in future. You may have inspired me into doing these armies myself!

  2. It just occurred to me that my Rick figures are not the same ones you are using--mine are Napoleonic (more or less), with everyone in a French-style shako, acquired some years ago. Do Risk games now come with tricorn figures?


    1. The current version comes with tricorn figures, yes. As do the pirate copies I've seen locally ;)

      I think tricorns have been the norm for a few years. I have a Risk set we use to play Risk (radical, I know) which we bought back in 2009, and that has the tricorn figures.

      Both Napoleonic and tricorn versions of the figures are available on eBay, though.


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