Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Let The Great Northern War Commence!

The Russians have flags and are ready to go. I now have two usable 'Maurice' armies - anything I paint from now on is an optional extra.

I didn't hand-paint the Russian flags; I found some nice ones available to print HERE. I added one from Junior General as well, for one of the Guard units.

Here they all are in their box, Russians and Swedes, as well as Cossack allies. That's one complete set of  Risk figures, plus about 10% of the infantry and 40% of the cavalry from a second set. I'll save the better pictures of them for when they get their first game in all their painted glory (which may not be a GNW action, but we can't have everything).

Painted at a rate of roughly four bases (a unit) per day.


  1. Your output seems to be incredibly prolific. I am jealous and wish I had the time. Great body of work.

    1. 10-12mm is like that, quick and great for the time-starved. That said, well done Alan! Terrific achievement in getting these armies together so swiftly and they look splendid. Who would have thought that these troops started life as cheap plastic figures in a boardgame. I'm doubly looking forward to playing Maurice again soon.


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