Sunday, 9 March 2014

Great Northern War Russian Infantry - Completed

I say completed. The usual caveats apply; I have to do some flags, I need to do the basing and there's one mounted officer to do, who will be included in the next batch of troops I'll be painting - the Russian cavalry.

There are ten units here in 'Maurice' terms.


  1. It's hard to keep up with your breakneck progress on these armies. 10 units - excellent! I can't wait for our next tabletop encounter with these troops. Nice choice of variable coloured units to distinguish several of them from the bulk of the army and add a bit of colour. Very handy for identifying elite or conscript units.

    1. There are two specific Guard units in the mix anyway. There will be a mix of flag colours when I'm done as well, which should help with individual identification.

      Future batches of figures will include some garrison units in slightly less colourful uniforms, so they should be easy to identify.


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