Friday, 13 July 2012

Three Games Of HOTT

There were just the two of us for the Gong Garage Gamers meet tonight. And the role-players weren't there either, so it was a very low turnout all round.

Geoff and I played HOTT with the armies I just happened to have in the crate I cart my stuff around in. All 15mm, of course.

The first game - I used Aboriginal army against the Ophidians (Thane's Games Snakemen):

Both armies had Warband. And here they are fighting each other:

The Goose Women - a Magician element:

The Ophidians had three Magicians, though, so the Goose Women kept a low profile:

The end of the game - the Aborigines had already lost their Hero to the three Magicians, so the loss of their general as well was fatal. The Ophidians lost a couple of Warband:

In the second game Geoff defended with the Knights Of Simba, an army of lion-centaur Beasts converted from some Tabletop Miniatures sci-fi figures, assisted by apeman Warband from the same company. The King of Simba leads his army into battle:

I used the Ophidians, Geoff placed a lot of bad going, and with bad PIP rolls it took ages for us to get to grips with each other:

The Ophidian Magicians again:

And here are their rank and file - Warband and Shooters. The Shooters didn't hit anything with archery, but proved deadly in close combat:

See the Ophidian Shooters? Well, they've just polished off a couple of Warband in close combat:

It all got very messy in the centre, but The Knights Of Simba were losing elements faster than the Ophidians were:

An Ophidian Magician killed an element of Beasts to win the game:

In the third game Geoff switched armies again, choosing a force from my 48AP of Weird Rech stuff. He had a strong aerial contingent:

They also had a Hero, as well as some Blades and Shooters:

I used the Ophidians again - with two victories under their belt it paid to stick to a winning formula. This time it wasn't though. In pretty much the first combats of the game their Magician general got overwhelmed by Nazi werewolves, and it was game over:

Next week we start preparing games in earnest for Gong-Con at the end of the month.

And, once again - VOTE FOR ME. I'm first on the list (Alan), so it's easy. Thanks to everyone who has voted so far. And spread the word, please. After all, I'm probably the only wargamer taking part :)


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