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HOTT Lists For 'Magic: The Gathering'

These lists were written by my friend Carl Lomas many years ago, and were published on the original Stronghold. I have applied my usual light editorial hand.


These lists are based on the nations and races that appear in the game Magic: The Gathering. They are based on the cards, not the novels and are not the result of detailed exhaustive research. So if you don't like 'em, change 'em.

For those of you who don't know the back story to MTG, the game is set in Dominia, a multiverse of intersecting planes. The players are planeswalkers, hugely powerful magic users who can travel between the planes (Gods in HOTT terms), slugging it out for dominance. The wars fought by the residents of these planes are largely incidental to the planeswalkers, but not to HOTT players.

The cards are sold as a series of expansions each focusing on some area of Dominia. These lists are from just the first few expansions. Others will follow when I get around to them.

As generalship is not part of MTG I've only suggested generals for the armies.


Not, strictly speaking, an expansion but a beginners' set. Presumably set somewhere on Dominaria.


1 x Cleric @ 3AP (Temple elder)
1 x Knights @ 2AP (Cavaliers)
4 x Blades @ 2AP (Troopers)
2 x Shooters @ 2AP (Musketeers)
3 x Hordes @ 1AP (Militia)
2 x Flyers @ 2AP (Angels and griffins)

Stronghold: White-walled city

The usual fantasy good guy medieval/renaissance humans. Judging from the card illustrations their troops are predominantly female. Use the temple elder or a cavalier as the general.


2 x Riders @ 2AP (Cavaliers)
2 x Spears @ 2AP (Pikers)
2 x Warband @ 2AP (Raiders)
2 x Flyers @ 2AP (Gliders)
1 x Sneaker @ 3AP (Firestarter)
1 x Lurker @ 1AP (Raging goblin)
1 x Behemoth @ 4AP (Giant or ogre)

Stronghold: Mountain gateway

MTG goblins are small, weak, cowardly and stupid, but also strangely inventive. Goblin gliders (known as 'clods in the clouds' by their enemies) are goblins hanging from balloons (see 'Winnie The Pooh' for details). Pikers are the intelligent ones who know which end of a spear is sharp. Cavaliers ride mountain goats. Use a cavalier or piker as the general.


1 x Magician @ 4AP (Dakmor sorceress)
2 x Flyers @ 2AP (Dakmor bats)
4 x Riders @ 2AP (Raiding nightstalkers)
2 x Sneaker @ 3AP (Prowling nightstalkers)
2 x Lurker @ 1AP (Lurking nightstalkers)

Stronghold: Wizard's tower in a swamp

Scrawny humanoids (similar in appearance to that well known alien) from the Dakmor swamps. The raiders ride two-legged beasties of similar style. The Dakmor sorceress is (as usual) a beautiful human female in exotic (dancer) costume. Use the sorceress as the general.

Norwood Elves

2 x Riders @ 2AP (Riders)
2 x Shooter @ 2AP (Archers)
2 x Warband @ 2AP (Warriors)
2 x Behemoth @ 4AP (Wurms)
2 x Beasts @ 2AP (Other beasts)
Alternative: Lurker @ 1AP (Rangers)

Stronghold: Tree-top village

Pointy ears, long hair, flowing robes. Use a rider, archer or warrior as the general.


1 x Magician @ 4AP (Researcher)
2 x Warband @ 2AP (Warriors)
5 x Flyers @ 2AP (Scouts)
2 x Airboat @ 3AP (Air ship)
Alternatives: Dragon @ 4AP (Screeching Drake), Sneaker @ 3AP (Merchants)

Stronghold: Walled city

Merchants-cum-pirates. Humans with an Arabian Nights/pre-Columbian American style. Use the researcher, a warrior or an air ship as the general.


Set on the plane Ulgrotha, isolated from planeswalkers for a millennia by the planeswalkers Feroz and Serra who set up a magical shield called Feroz's Ban. Feroz died in the process and Serra left.


6 x Blades @ 2AP (Tribal minotaurs)
2 x Magician @ 4AP (Shaman or Spirit crafter)
4 x Lurker @ 1AP (Ancestor)

Stronghold: Sacred rock

Minotaurs, with a culture that's a cross between typical fantasy dwarves and Australian aborigines. Use a tribal minotaur or shaman as the general.


1 x Hero @ 4AP (Rashka the Slayer)
2 x Paladin @ 4AP (Serra Paladins)
2 x Knights @ 2AP (Crusaders)
2 x Beasts @ 2AP (Beast walkers)
2 x Flyers @ 2AP (Abbey gargoyles)

Stronghold: Aysen Abbey

Good guy, medieval/renaissance humans. The beast walkers are shape shifters. Rashka is female. Use Rashka or a crusader as the general.


1 x Aerial Hero @ 6AP (Noble)
6 x Flyers @ 2AP (Willow faeries)
2 x Cleric @ 3AP (Willow priestess)
Alternatives: God @ 4AP (Autumn Willow)

Stronghold: Forest glade

Small flying humanoids. Also referred to as the grandchildren of Autumn Willow. The priestesses appear to be human. The implication from the cards is that Autumn Willow is a god-like being, so I have classified her a such. In appearance she is a friendly, middle-aged human woman. Use the noble as the general.


1 x Aerial Hero @ 6AP (Baron Sengir)
(1 x Magician @ 4AP (Grandmother Sengir)
1 x Paladin @ 4AP (Ihsan's shade)
1 x Cleric @ 3AP (Irini Sengir)
1 x Hordes @ 1AP (Serfs)
1 x Hero @ 4AP (Veldrane of Sengir))
2 x Beasts @ 2AP (Ghost hounds)
4 x Hordes @ 1AP (Serfs)
3 x Flyers @ 2AP (Sengir bats)

Stronghold: Castle Sengir

A vampire family with desires of world domination. Ihsan was a Serra Paladin who tried to defeat the Baron from within - he lost. Use Baron Sengir as the general.


The beginning of the MTG timeline. The Brothers' War. Urza and Mishra were two artificer brothers who fought a destructive war on the continent of Terisiare in Dominaria. Urza won and became a planeswalker.


3 x Behemoth @ 4AP (Argothian treefolk)
4 x Flyers @ 2AP (Pixies)
2 x Warband @ 2AP (Gaea's avengers)

Stronghold: Forest glade

A forest rich in natural resources and not a few defenders. Argothian treefolk are animate trees whilst Gaea's avengers are other animate plants, often in humanoid form. Use a treefolk as the general.


1 x Magician @ 4AP (Urza)
1 x Magician @4AP (Tawnos)
4 x Flyers @ 2AP (Ornithopter)
4 x Blades @ 2AP (Yotian soldiers)

Stronghold: Tower

The magic of Urza and his pupil Tawnos is of the technology powered by magic variety. Ornithopters and Yotian soldiers are both mechanical constructs. Use Urza as the general.


1 x Magician @ 4AP (Mishra)
1 x Hero @ 4AP (Ashnod)
1 x Behemoth @ 4AP (Mishra's war engine)
12 x Hordes @ 1AP (Minions)

Stronghold: Factory

Mishra's magic is also technological. Ashnod was Mishra's lieutenant. Mishra's minions are a mixture of races and types with varying degrees of inorganic enhancements. Use Mishra as the general.


Following the end of The Brothers' War the southern continent of Sarpadia entered a dark age.


9 x Blades @ 2AP (Soldiers)
2 x Artillery @ 3AP (Catapult)

Stronghold: Dwarven hold

Short and stocky with big axes. Use a soldier as the general.

Havenwood Elves

8 x Shooters @ 2AP (Hunters)
4 x Lurker @ 1AP (Scout)
1 x Behemoth @ 4AP (Druid and animated trees)

Stronghold: Elven forest fortress

Scantily clad. Use a hunter or the druid as the general.


2 x Cleric @ 3AP (Homarid shaman)
3 x Spears @ 2AP (Homarid warriors)
4 x Warband @ 2AP (Homarids)
1 x Behemoth @ 4AP (Deep spawn)

Stronghold: Tidal flats

Lobster-men. Use a shaman or warrior as the general.


2 x Cleric @ 3AP (Priests and medics)
2 x Knights @ 2AP (Order of Leitbur)
1 x Spears @ 2AP (Phalanx)
4 x Hordes @ 1AP (Infantry)
1 x Shooters @ 2AP (Javelineers)
2 x Sneaker @ 3AP (Scouts and skirmishers)

Stronghold: Fortress

Good guy humans, more medieval than renaissance. Use a priest or phalanx as the general.

Order of the Ebon Hand

3 x Knights @ 2AP (Order of the Ebon Hand)
1 x Cleric @ 3AP (Initiates of the Ebon Hand)
1 x Sneaker @ 3AP (Necrite)
8 x Hordes @ 1AP (Basal thrulls)
1 x Behemoth @ 4AP (Derelor)

Stronghold: Fortress

Bad guy humans. Thrulls were bred by the Ebon Hand as sacrificial slaves and look like Clive Barker demons. Necrites are sneaky thrulls. The Derelor is a particularly big fighting thrull. Use the Initiates or a knight as the general.

Sarpadian Goblins

6 x Hordes @ 1AP (Goblins)
3 x Flyers @ 2AP (Kites)
4 x Artillery @ 3AP (Grenadiers)

Stronghold: Mountain gateway

Goblin kites are goblin hang-gliders. Grenadiers are goblins with grenades, big grenades, lots of goblins. As no-one has told them to throw the grenades the goblins carry the grenades to the target then detonate them. Hence the classification as artillery - think of the goblins as the ammunition, and as they are each loaded down with a grenade (cast-iron ball or barrel of gun-powder) they can't fight too well. Use a horde as the general.

Sarpadian Orcs

4 x Blades @ 2AP (Brassclaw orcs)
7 x Hordes @ 1AP (Warriors)
3 x Sneaker @ 3AP (Spy)

Stronghold: Mountain fortress

Orcs are a lot like goblins only bigger. The Brassclaw orcs wear large brass claws. Strictly speaking they don't fight any better than the rest but I wanted some variety in the troops. Use a Brassclaw orc as the general.


8 x Hordes @ 1AP (Thallids)
4 x Shooters @ 2AP (Thorn thallids)
2 x Beasts @ 2AP (Thallid devourers)
1 x Behemoth @ 4AP (Feral thallid)

Stronghold: Dark forest glade

Sentient killer fungus. Use a horde as the general.

Thrull Revolt

1 x Cleric @ 3AP (Wizard)
1 x Sneaker @ 3AP (Necrite)
14 x Hordes @ 1AP (Basal thrulls)
(1 x Hero @ 4AP (Thrull champion)
1 x Behemoth @ 4AP (Derelor) )

Stronghold: Underground gateway

When the Ebon Hand bred intelligent thrulls the thrulls revolted. Use the wizard as the general.


The Brothers' War was followed by eight hundred years of ice age.


6 x Warband @ 2AP (Balduvian horde)
2 x Cleric @ 3AP (Balduvian shaman or storm shaman)
(1 x Aerial Hero @ 6AP (Storm spirit)
1 x Behemoth @ 4AP (Stone spirit)
1 x Beasts @ 2AP (Flame spirit) )

Stronghold: Mountain trading post

Mountain-dwelling human barbarians. The three spirits each appear in humanoid form. Use a horde as the general.

Fyndhorn Elves

2 x Cleric @ 3AP (Fyndhorn druid)
5 x Warband @ 2AP (Fyndhorn elves)
2 x Sneaker @ 3AP (Elvish ranger)
2 x Lurker @ 1AP (Fyndhorn brownie)

Stronghold: Wooded mountain

Elves in jerkin and trousers rather than the usual flowing robes. Use the druid or a warband as the general.


2 x Blades @ 2AP (Knights, warriors and phalanx)
4 x Spears @ 2AP (Guard and shield bearers)
1 x Cleric @ 3AP (Royal herbalist)
1 x Hordes @ 1AP (Homeguard)
2 x Riders @ 2AP (Escorts)
2 x Flyers @ 2AP (Sky knights)

Alternatives: Knights @ 2AP (Varchild's war riders)

Stronghold: Mountain tower

Good guy humans, more medieval than renaissance. General Varchild is rather aggressive in her(?) defence of Kjeldor. The sky knights ride giant birds called aesthir. Use a knight or sky knight as the general.


1 x Hero @ 4AP (Lim-Dûl)
1 x Paladin @ 4AP (Lim-Dûl's paladin)
8 x Hordes @ 1AP (Legions of Lim-Dûl)
2 x Flyers @ 2AP (Abyssal spectre)
(1 x Sneaker @3AP (Moor fiend)
1 x Hordes @ 1AP (Legion)
1 x God @ 4AP (Minion of Leshrac) )

Stronghold: Tower

A necromancer from the west bent on world domination. His legions are zombies and animated skeletons. Use Lim-Dûl as the general.


12 x Hordes @ 1AP (Conscripts)
2 x Cleric @ 3AP (Healer)
2 x Artillery @ 3AP (Cannoneers)

Stronghold: Mountain valley

More renaissance than medieval. The cannon are as tall as an orc. Use a conscript as the general.


1 x Hero @ 4AP (Marton Stromgald)
6 x Knights @ 2AP (Knights of Stromgald)
5 x Hordes @ 1AP (Mercenaries)
1 x Sneaker @ 3AP (Spy)
Alternative: Knights @ 2AP (Varchild's war riders)

Stronghold: Tower

Kjeldoran fanatics. Not good guys. Use Marton Stromgald as the general.


1 x Magician @ 4AP (Soldevi machinist)
1 x Behemoth @ 4AP (Soldevi steam beast)
2 x Blades @ 2AP (Soldevi simulacra)
5 x Hordes @ 1AP (Soldevi sentries)
2 x Flyers @ 2AP (Aesthir gliders)
1 x Artillery @ 3AP (Skull catapult)

Stronghold: Walled city

Humans enamoured of the sort of devices created during The Brothers' War. The simulacra look like humans, the sentries look like robots Use the machinist as the general.

Yavimaya Gorillas

1 x Hero @ 4AP (Gorilla chieftain)
1 x Cleric @ 3AP (Gorilla shaman)
5 x Warband @ 2AP (Gorilla berserkers)
3 x Lurker @ 1AP (Gorilla pack)
1 x Behemoth @ 4AP (Gargantuan gorilla)

Stronghold: Jungle clearing

Intelligent gorillas from the sentient forest of Yavimaya. Use the chieftain as the general.

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  1. Heh. As someone who still follows Magic and remembers playing with many of the cards referenced, these seem... pleasantly archaic. :P


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