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HOTT In The Pacific

by Robyn Kahukiwa

I thought I'd resurrect some more of the army lists from the old Stronghold. So here are Jay's Maori lists, and David Brown's lists for the Cook Islands. The same deal applies; I have posted what was sent me, after applying a delicate, well-manicured, editorial hand.

I have a bag of MY Miniatures Maoris waiting in my lead pile. I have played against Maori HOTT armies in the past, but they always seem to be based more on 19th century forces that fought against the British rather than traditional myths and legends. As such they look nice, but lack that true fantasy appeal. After all, there's more to doing a HOTT army than just taking a DBA army and making the general a Hero.

One day I will get my camera out and document my contribution to Pacific HOTT; my Hawaiian matched pair. You can see them in action in
 this post, though.

Maori Lists

Note that these details are from "Maori Legends" by AW Reed, ill. by Roger Hart, pub. AH & AW Reed of Wellington/Sydney. Reed had earlier written two more comprehensive books - "Treasury of Moari Folklore" and "Myths and Legends of Maoriland". However, I don't know anything else about the guy so serious immersion in this area would necessitate further research and cross-referencing.


1 x Blade general @ 2AP (Rangatira)
1 x Magician @ 4AP (Tohunga)
1 x God @4AP (Tu-Matavenga, the God or War)
1 x Flyer @ 2AP(Poua-Kai, the giant eagle)
5 x Warbands @ 2AP (Taua warriors)
1 x Hordes @ 1AP (Villagers)
1 x Lurker @ 1AP (Patupaiarehe)

Stronghold: beached waka-taua (war canoe) or village.

Alternatives: Beasts @ 2AP (Moa)

Maori Demons

1 x Magician general @ 4AP (Evil Tohunga)
1 x God @ 4AP (Hine-Nui-O-Te-Po, Goddess of Death)
1 x Behemoth @ 4AP (Tanihwha)
4 x Warbands @ 2AP (Ponaturi)
4 x Hordes @ 1AP (Tipua)

Stronghold: A forest clearing

Alternatives: Lurker @ 1AP (Ogress).

A Rangatira is a noble, a Tohunga a wizard. Taua is a war-party.

Patupaiarehe are large, white-skinned supernatural beings. They inhabit large, fortified villages on mountain-tops, have an aversion to sunshine and an ambiguous relationship to men.

Tanihwa are giant lizards. They are crocodile-like in appearance with scales and spiny ridges, and very large (growing as large as a whale in some cases). They are equally comfortable in lakes, rivers, sea and on land. Named Tanihwa include Hotu-puku, Peke-haua, and Kata-ore. Taniwha are generally (but not always) hostile to men.

Ponaturi or Sea demons are sea creatures who only come ashore at night. They have greenish-white skins that glow in moonlight, with claws for hands. Evil Gong Fishmen would do for these in 15mm.

Ogresses can appear as beautiful women to entrap mortals. You've been warned.

Giant birds include the flightless Giant Moa, and the eagle-like Poua-Kai*.

Gods and Goddesses - I don't have any details of their appearance, so either assume Moari-like in appearance and paint up poncy or do a web search.

Tipua are goblins.

*Concerning this, Luke Ueda-Sarson writes:
"The NZ forest eagle died out when the last of the big moas were killed off. It is depicted in early art, but not later on.
Quite a bit larger than any other (now) living eagle, it had a short wingspan as befitting the forest environment (half of which was burnt down when the Maori arrived of course; most of the rest when the Europeans arrived). A female would have weighed 9 to 10 kilograms; with its high wing loading, its minimum flight speed has been calculated as 50 km/hr. An adult female's talons stretched nearly 30 cm from point to point - that's as big as a large male grizzly bear's rear paw. Imagine that hitting your neck (or anywhere else really...) at 100 km/hr with 10 kg of weight behind it, and you can see how they were able to kill giant moas 3 m tall."

Cook Island Legends

Here are some Pacific ideas. Taken from the book Cook Island Legends, retold (and illustrated) by Jon Jonassen 1981, pub. The Institute of Pacific Studies, University of the South Pacific.

1 x Warband general @ 2AP (Tribal chief) 
11 x Warband @ 2AP (Tribesmen) 

Alternatives: Hero or Hero general @ 4AP, Water Lurker @ 1AP (Canoe-borne raiding party, or Momoke), Lurker @ 1AP (Katikatia), Behemoth @ 4AP (Tamangori the Giant), Shooters @ 2AP (Massed rock-throwing tribesmen), Sneaker @ 3AP (Night-sighted youth), Magician @ 4AP (Fire-inventing elder), Hordes @ 1AP (Massed cowed or incompetent warriors)

Momoke are white-skinned water spirit people.

Katikatia is a child-eating, warrior killing (her front teeth grow to six inches long and her nails sharpened) old lady that lives in a cave.

Tamangori is a human and native rat- eating giant with his hair in a bun.

Massed rock throwers discomfort the enemy at a battle in Makiukiu.

Tribesmen are drawn in grass skirts, kilts, loincloths or broad-leaf kilts. Some warriors have a necklace of large leaves, head-dresses or topknot, many have extensive tattoos. One leader has a multi-coloured feathered headdress while other warriors wear what look like fibre hats or helmets.

One group of warriors has adzes and slings and is considered barbarous by a group armed with spears and clubs, one warrior is drawn with a spear and a long round-top, flat-bottom shield.

Many of the adventuring warriors could be classed as a Hero. Gods are paeyed to and answer in strange ways but do not seem to interact directly with humans.

I have no idea if the items above are unique to the Cook Islands (a few Tahitian characters are mentioned) or if they appear in other Polynesian myths.

Also: VOTE FOR ME. I'm first on the list, so it's easy :)

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  1. If you want a Maori hero - especially of the shaman variety, check out the legendary Ngatoro-i-te-Rangi. He could stand as a hero, or a magician (he defeated the army of his enemy, Manaia, by summoning a huge storm that sunk his whole fleet of waka). He was also a great leader. I'm not sure whether heroes or magic users can be generals under this rule set, but if allowed, a general I would make him.


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