Sunday, 15 July 2012

Soviets On Skull Island

It's a little-known fact that Soviet Russia sent an expedition to Skull Island in the 1930s. Here are some rare, archive photos.

The Soviets never did anything by halves - they brought plenty of troops to 'liberate' the islanders:

Stalin himself led the force, in his 'Steel Man' battlesuit:

But the King of Skull Island - KONG - was not impressed:

There was some fighting:

And, say what you like about him, Uncle Joe remained stoic in the face of reptile halitosis:

Until Kong joined in and stomped him. The rest of the Soviet army fled:

One can only assume that he escaped, or that the Stalin who led Russia during WWII and beyond was a double. History doesn't say.

(24AP game of 'Hordes of the Things' in 15mm, with my son's King Kong army defending and winning a quick, easy victory against my Weird WWII Soviets. That final picture shows three Behemoths in action, two of them generals.)


  1. Great photos. The raptor trying to chew off Stalin's face is great imagery.

  2. Very amusing report. I thought Kong was a god, not behemoth??

    1. Being worshipped as a God doesn't make you a God :)

  3. Cool, where are the cool soviet mecha minis from?

    1. There's only the one - it's actually a Warhammer 40K Ork Warboss. I left off the face (the cockpit is the mechanical lower jaw) and remodelled the gun slightly. Then I just painted the whole thing in a Soviet tank green, Stalin in an HO scale model railway figure from a set featuring the Allied leaders. A friend of mine, who is into WWII railway modelling, bought the set and didn't need Joe, so gave him to me. He goes with the 20mm Hitler figure (from Atlantic) I have in my Weird WWII Nazi army.


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