Sunday, 24 October 2021

Frocktober 2021 - Part 2

And so the annual Frocktober charity fund-raiser continues. Every year I don dresses in October to raise money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation to do research into detection of, and a cure for, this hideous disease. This year I have once again set myself the target of at least ten different frocks during the month.

Obviously the most important thing is to post the donations link: IT HAS POCKETS

As you've no doubt become aware I love a brightly coloured or pattered frock. But I do sometimes tone things down, and sometimes look positively professional. Frock Five was one of those times.

Sadly I had no Zoom meetings during the day.

I brought a bit of colour back for Frock Six, which I wore for a weekend trip to our local cafe - we decided to have breakfast there to celebrate it reopening after the recent lockdown.

And I went for bold stripes with Frock Seven. This was a dress I picked up in a charity shop just before teh lockdown started, and was saving for a bold striped dress kind of day.

One thing we do each year as part of Frocktober is a high-tea. With lockdowns and so on we'd not got one organised this time, so we simply did it ourselves at home. I glammed it up with Frock Eight, a net-layer party dress I'd been saving for a friend's cancelled birthday part back in August.

So we're nearly at the end of the month, and the next post will cover the two, possibly three, frocks that I'll use to finish this year's fundraiser.

And here's that donations link again:  IT HAS POCKETS

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