Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Six by Six - Choices

Last week I proposed the Six by Six Gaming Challenge. I'd assumed that it would just be me taking part, so have been somewhat surprised to find others willing to give it a go as well. I will be setting up a blog post in which I will try and track everyone's efforts through the year, but first I thought that I'd better make my own choice of games for the year.

So these are the games I will attempt to play at least six times in 2017:

Hordes of the Things - The low-hanging fruit for this challenge. If I can't play at least six games of HOTT throughout the year then it's really time to retire from gaming altogether. To this end I will add an additional challenge; I will only count games in which I use a new army, albeit where I define 'new' as either 'brand new' or 'modified from existing figures'. Hopefully this will inspire me to add to my collection, or reorganise figures and elements already in my collection.

Neil Thomas Pike and Shot - At the time of writing I have played precisely one game using these rules, published in 'Wargaming: An Introduction'. I enjoyed them, and would like to play them again. Whether they will hold my interest for sustained play I don't know, but by including them here I'm going to find out one way or the other.

Black Powder - I've owned a copy of Black Powder for a few years now, and it's a regular choice at our club. But we always play grand, big battles. Others have found, however, that it is possible to play much smaller games, and this is something I keep meaning to experiment with in the comfort of my own home. I haven't done it yet. Maybe 2017 should be the year when I do.
Update: I dropped these rules in favour of a different set of black powder rules- 'Scum of the Earth'.

Machinas - For the past couple of years I have been modifying and rewriting the rules vehicle equipment and features and driver signatures, whilst tidying up and patching some of the actual game mechanisms. My notes are spread across various documents, both electronic and paper. I keep telling myself that I need to write up my changes properly, especially since we hope to be featuring Machinas at MOAB in October. This tidying up process will require more test games. Adding the game to the challenge will, I hope, ensure that I play them.

DBA - I never liked DBA v2.0 and its sub-versions, but DBA 3.0 improved it no end and I've really enjoyed playing it. So this year I will be committing to laying it some more, and maybe putting together more armies, either from existing figures or new purchases.

TBA - OK. So this is a cop-out. I really want to include a board or card-game in the list, but I'm not sure what at this stage. Love Letter would be too easy (you can play six games in a couple of hours), but it's a game we play a fair bit. So is Fluxx. Memoir 44 is a possibility, as is Cosmic Encounter, although the latter needs more people than I can usually assemble for such games, so it would be hard to hit the six game target. So I'll leave this open for now.
Update: I went for another miniatures game: Galleys & Galleons.


  1. For the 6th category, since you have a M'44 board, it might be fun to convert a rule set to run on hexes. It would at least give a compact game and explore some grid gaming which seems to be growing in popularity. Simon Miller does the 'To the Strongest' ancient game which runs on squares - since the squares can be made smaller and game could then use your 15mm DBA stands, that might make for an interesting addition to the 6x6 line-up.

    1. If you trawl back through the archives of this blog you'll find I've had a go at a few grid-based games derived from Memoir 44 and Battle Cry, covering the ACW, Mexican Adventure and 18th Century. Converted to square grids, mostly, since I like running games on a chessboard.

      The TBA on Slot 6 maybe gives me a chance to revisit them.

  2. I will be intrigued to see how the Neil Thomas P&S play tests pan out. I am half-tempted to put these down as one of my 6 choices but I am not convinced they work well.


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