Sunday, 9 October 2016


Do you think this car has enough spikes?

This is the original vehicle.

I ripped it apart, cut up the bodywork, glued some of it back on and then drilled over 150 holes in it.

The spikes are chopped up toothpicks. Lots of them.

And now I have my very own Mad Max spiky car.


  1. Needz moar spikes!!!1! :)

    Seriously, great job. Gives me an urge to watch Fury Road again!

  2. Curious about what you will name it - Echidnas Revenge?

  3. I really like this one Alan

  4. Terrifying! How long did that take to make???

    1. Less time than you might think. Probably about 40 minutes taking the thing apart and then idly re-assembing it in a way I liked, plus putting some bits and pieces in for the engine. About an hour to drill the 150 holes in the plastic bodywork. Then about an hour and a half (in odd moments during the week) to cut up toothpicks and glue them on. Painting was probably an hour, if that. So just over four hours, maybe. Possibly five.

  5. Looks really good. great job. cheers

  6. Very nice. I've just decided I need to dig out my hot wheels to make some conversions for use with Axles and Alloys after playing it at a convention.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. The author of Axles and Alloys is a mate of mine. #claimtofame


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