Sunday, 6 September 2015

Small-Scale ACW

The scenarios in One Hour Wargames are designed to be played on a 3' x 3' area, with unit frontages of between 4" and 6". This means that the units are between one-ninth and one-sixth of the width of the playing area. These are useful figures to bear in mind if you are looking at trying the scenarios on different sized playing areas.

I tend to scale my games towards the one-ninth end of things. Thus my GNW games have units with a 3" frontage on a 2' square board - one-eighth of the width of the playing area. When I play on my roughly 9" square board I use units with a 1" frontage.

Tonight I thought that it would be interesting to try out the other end of things - units that are one-sixth of the board width.

It looks cramped, but it just about works. Those are 40mm frontage units on a 9" square board, and it means I can use my ACW stuff on the setup I take when I go camping. I haven't decided what I'm taking with me on my next camping trip, its true, but it's nice to have options.

The scenario you can see here is Bridgehead, and eleven of the twelve units in the game are in play; the Confederates have lost one.

As ever the fields are just garnish.


  1. Interesting - I saw another blogger's post re: these rules. Didn't realize the scale of the games.

    1. Not everyone plays on teeny-tiny boards :)

      Most of my games are on 16" square or 24" square areas - HOTT-sized fields basically.

  2. I bought a number of artist's boards/canvases that are 12" x 12" with an eye towards geomorphic DBA/HoTTs terrain boards. So they would be plenty big enough for a whole battlefield. And at less than a 1/4" thick, several could be brought along.


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