Thursday, 5 February 2015

Terrain For One Hour Wargames

On the way to work today I was idly pondering what would be the minimum amount of terrain you'd need to fight all thirty of the scenarios in 'One Hour Wargames'. With an idle hour to spare this evening I sat down with the book and worked it out, then with some old cork-tile hills and my collection of felt bits I manufactured it.

Here it is:

Now I'm not saying that is the bare minimum - you could put two hills or area features together in some cases, but I think it's probably the most practical selection. Obviously I haven't included the buildings, trees and other bits used to mark the nature of area features - the scenarios only use towns, woods and marsh if that helps.

Whilst the observant amongst you can probably work out from the picture what's needed, here's the inventory as I see it. I assume a 3' x 3' playing area; scale your collection accordingly.

One 3' x 3' playing area
One 3' stretch of river.
Two fords.
One bridge (optional - I just show one by having the road placed over the river)
Two 3' sections of road. (One scenario uses a 18" road section though, so you may want to have a 3' section and two 18" sections)
One 2' x 1' hill
One 1' x 1' hill
Two 1' x 6" hills
Two 6" x 6" towns
Two 1' x 1' area features
Two 1' x 6" area features
Three 6" x 6" area features

The area features can woods or marsh.

For two scenarios it helps, but is not required, to have breastworks or similar fortifications for up to two 6" x 6" areas.

I'm not sure how much use this information really is, but it whiled away an hour before bedtime. Plus the half hour I spent going through all thirty scenarios just to check that I really could set each of them up. I could.


  1. That's very nice...and useful!

  2. Reminds me I need to finish off my terrain for DBA and FOG and possibly HotT as well.


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