Friday, 6 February 2015

Bolt Action And DBA

We had two games on the go last night. On Table One was Bolt Action - Tank War; a skirmish game for tanks, basically. Quite good fun in a light beer and pretzels kind of way and an excuse to trundle 1/56th scale model tanks about. Several games were played, involving T34s against either PzIVs or a Panther, and featuring crew skills in some of the games.

In the other part of the room were a couple of big-battle DBA games using the mew 3.0 rules, which various members of the club have now got hold of. The first featured Pyrrhic vs Camillan Roman.

The other was a matchup between Franks and Skythians - just assume the Skythians really represented a later horse-archer tribe from the Steppes and all is good.

The general consensus seems to be that the new edition has some very interesting changes that make the game smoother and more interesting. The Solid and Fast gradings seem to offer some extra troop interactions without adding any real complexity to the game, and the switch to side support for some troops is regarded as a good thing as well. I need to go through my ancient/dark ages armies and see how I'm set up for troops now.


  1. The great lines of DBA troops look impressive in your photos. Big Battle gives you a real feeling of generalship. I aim to be an expert in these rules after many defeats!


  2. Great looking games; the big DBA is appealing.

  3. Nice, love the DBA's pics...

  4. Great looking games, the ranks look nice!


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