Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Reinforcements For The Military

Many years ago, when 'Monster Island' was my giant monster game of choice, I started scratch-building some generic, military units to fight the kaiju with, based on the various options in 'Escape From Monster Island'. I used a simple technique involving stacking small pieces of mounting board to make hulls, then adding wire and lentils for guns and small turrets. Infantry, and similar, were to be made from small pieces of plastic hair-roller.

Like most of my projects they got pushed onto the back-burner, then buried and forgotten.

A year or so ago I made some tanks using the same methods, for a game of 'Giant Monster Rampage' set during WWII. They looked great (to me), and included a few small refinements to the design. When, last week, I wanted to try GMR swarms to represent the military, I dug them out again, and also found the box with my original efforts from back in 2005. For the games I played last week I repaired and rebased three jet planes I'd made back then.  After rummaging through the box, I have now started rebasing and reorganising some of the other troops.

And here they are. Tanks, large and small, mobile missile-launchers and some infantry. They are roughly 1/600th scale, and based on the premise that my monsters are about 50m tall. Tucked away at the back are four helicopters, in desperate need of repair, but more desperate need of use.

The trouble is that the rest of my week is going to be quite busy, with work, my son's 18th birthday, a college visit and getting ready for my niece's wedding. How will I fit any game-playing in, let alone modelling, painting and basing?

Of course, when I next play GMR, I'll have something suitable to wear ...

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