Sunday, 1 September 2013

It's An All-Out Giant Monster Rampage!

Twice today the army had fought off Godzilla, as detailed in a previous post. But all that activity had attracted the attention of Evil Aliens, intent on destroying the Earth. And where better to start the destruction than a certain Lego city - using giant monsters?

This was a two-sided game, with one side having two 200pt monsters and the other having a 200pt monster and two 100pt swarms.

The Aliens led their assault with that mainstay of any alien monster attack - the evil three-headed space-dragon Ghidorah!

And assisting him - a controlled Godzilla. Fans of the movies will recognise this version; Burning Godzilla. For this game I assumed his atomic reactions had been made artificially unstable. This Godzilla differed from the basic one I've been using in that it had no regeneration, slightly reduced stats, but made up for it with a damaging corona (which made attacking him in close combat dangerous) and self-destruct. The latter ability meant that if he was defeated, he would explode, damaging everything within a 12" radius - a potentially deadly ability.

 The city was, of course, defended by the Army - eight bases of infantry in one swarm, and three planes in another.

Assisting them, a hero! Valiant Monster Fighter - 50 metres tall, and ready to take on anything the aliens can throw at him. He had a couple of martial arts attacks, and a Parasite Blast, which drains Atomic Power from the target if it damages them. Plus he could fly.

Ghidorah approached the city from the south, and Valiant Monster Fighter flew to intercept him, hitting him even at long range with a blast as he did.

The army approached from the other side.

The planes flew in, and launched missile after missile, knocking Ghidorah out of the sky.

Ghidorah responded by destroying a building, then hurling the rubble at Valiant Monster Fighter, whilst attacking him with Laser Blasts.

The infantry set up a firing line and poured volley after volley into Ghidorah with little effect. The planes had flown off; short of AP they couldn't manage another shot at this stage.

On the other side of the table, Godzilla was busy. He demolished a building, then threw the rubble at another ...

A critical hit topped it, and flying debris destroyed two nearby infantry units.

The planes flew in to attack him, and knocked him down.

Godzilla retaliated by hurling rubble, destroying one of the aircraft.

Meanwhile Ghidorah and Valiant Monster Fighter were locked in combat. Both were down to their last couple of wounds.

 Valiant Monster Fighter slipped behind the dragon to grab some rubble to use as a weapon, but couldn't finish Ghidorah off. Ghidorah retaliated ...

... and Valiant Monster Fighter was down!

Ghidorah sealed his victory by using Laser Blast to take out another aircraft.

Then taking flight to destroy the third in close combat.

Finally ...

... he attacked the infantry, who were firing desperately trying to bring him down - he was on his last wound by this point.

Four bases of infantry were destroyed in one series of attacks ...

... but the last base did for Ghidorah.

With Valiant Monster Fighter down, and the planes lost, it was down to the infantry to defeat Godzila. Not an easy task, as he had taken little damage so far, whilst the infantry were down to three bases. Two bases, after Godzilla tail-swiped one.

He then demolished the tallest building in the city ...

... and used the rubble to destroy another infantry base.

This was now the sole defender of the city.

I ended the game at that point - with Godzilla triumphant.

This was a dramatic fight, with some tactical play and a few reversals of fortune. It would have been nice to have finished it off with Godzilla exploding, but you can't have everything.

Valiant Monster Fighter has the following abilities:

Humanoid - 200pts
Distance 4 Dexterity 5 Toughness 4 Instinct 4
Double-Strike 2/2", Duplicat Limb
Kick 1/2"
Parasite Blast, Fly, Skilled

Ghidorah was as follows:

Animal - 200pts
Distance 3 Dexterity 3 Toughness 5 Instinct 3
Bite 1/3" (x3)
Tail 1/2"
Laser Blast with Multiple Blast Points, Fly, Tenacity

Finally, Burning Godzilla:

Animal - 200pts
Distance 3 Dexterity 3 Toughness 4 Instinct 3
Bite 2/2"
Tail 1/2" 2" Knockback
Claws 0/2"
Energy Blast, Corona, Swim, Tenacity, Self-Destruct


  1. I've been following all your recent giant monster games with interest. Do you use any special modifications to the GMR rules in order to play solo, or do you simply play the rules as written as objectively as possible?

    Thanks for a great set of posts!

  2. I play objectively - it's not a problem in games with alternate moves, non-simultaneous decisions and no hidden information. And GMR is such a game. At any given moment I am only making choices as one player, and the information I have before me is exactly what I would have if I were that player in a game with one or more other players.


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