Friday, 14 December 2012


Owing to a work Christmas do I missed my regular wargames night, but Caesar sent me a report of the games:

Geoff, Dave, John and I met up for a Hordes Of The Things mass battle in epic 15mm scale. With a mix of Carthaginians provided by John, and Greeks and DaVinci Italians provided by Geoff, each side fielded a force of 48 points and we slogged out two entertaining battles.

John’s Carthaginian command fielded a god, which made a late entry into the first battle, by which time my attacking Greeks had whittled down his remaining forces to breaking point, while the other flank (in a different century) saw my team-mate Dave’s DaVinci tanks slog it out and narrowly hold out against Geoff’s hideous airboat-assisted assault. Both sides would have broken (over 24 points lost) within a bound of one another, with our side ending marginally less mauled.

Dicing again for teams and sides we ironically wound up with the same combination of players and we were the attackers (yet again), so to spice things up I chose to set up opposite Geoff. Dave altered his forces for a bit of interest, bringing on a god to oppose John’s. Although we played out another long battle, closely fought, technically we should have stopped quite early on, the moment John’s god, appearing much earlier this time, attacked Dave’s behemoth on the flank, causing him to recoil over the top of our knight C-in-C, the first and only casaulty at that time! Continuing on anyway, because none of us realised at the time that the battle should have been over, John’s god wreaked further havoc atop a mountain against Dave’s god, which had appeared the following bound, but was defeated. John’s god then decided he’d had enough when he rolled a 1 for PIPS straight afterwards. So there you have it, gods, very fickle, potentially very nasty, certainly interesting.

The battle looked as gorgeous as ever with all the 15mm epic figures and with our regular war correspondent Alan away, I have enclosed some amateurish photos taken on my phone. Thanks to Geoff and John for providing armies and terrain and Dave for being my stalwart team-mate. A great evening of HOTT.

Epic 15mm HOTT is our group's term for using 15mm figures on 25mm figure frontages.

Caesar even took pictures:

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