Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Help The British War Effort!

A challenge ...

Godzilla meets classic WWII British poster design.
It's the height of World War II. To its formidable arsenal of conventional weapons Nazi Germany has added new terrors - giant stompy robots and massive creatures from other dimensions. The British War Office has established a working group consisting of Barnes Wallis, Alan Turing and a young Bernard Quatermass to devise a counter-measure to the new Nazi menace; a huge, artificially intelligent, war-machine capable of fighting such foes on their own terms.

They are stuck on just one point - what do they call their creation?

Over to you.


  1. "Thunder Child" (in homage to H.G. Wells)

  2. "The Bastable Engine" (in homage to Michael Moorcock)
    HMS Vanguard, since the ship wasn't finished in time.

  3. I can think of a few ideas:

    The Iron Tommy
    Gogmagog or Madoc the Great
    Project White Cliffs

    I like Thunder Child myself,

  4. Archie
    Vera or Gracie
    His Majesty's Automaton Isambard Kingdom Brunel

    I do like Thunder Child though. You know why.

  5. I guess some of it boild down to whether it's the Army or the Navy who are running the show (the Air-Force don't count - too new).

    The Army would treat it as a tank, so it would have a class name and that's it (M7 Behemoth Destroyer Mk I 'Montgomery'). They wouldn't use 'Thunderchild'; too naval. The Navy would treat it as a ship, so each individual build would have its own name ('Thunderchild' Class Land Battleships - HMLS 'Thunderchild', HMLS 'Gogmagog' etc)

    I like 'Thunderchild'. I had already considered 'Gogmagog' as well, but I don't like the rhythmn of the name. 'The Iron Tommy' is a nice one-off name for some kind of stompy robot.

    Thanks for all the suggestions so far.

  6. HMLS Tantalus Mk.I


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