Sunday, 1 April 2012

Goblin Horde

In my continuing search for warbands for 'Songs of Blades and Heroes' I dug out some Games Workshop Moria Goblins. I painted these nearly ten years ago:

Well, nearly all of them; the pointing chief was a bare plastic archer this morning; I chopped him up and painted him today.

Aside from the leader there are nine warriors and four archers in the warband.

Oh, and ...

... they have a cave-troll ...

I bought him about ten years ago as well. At 8am this morning he was unassembled and still in his blister-pack. It's now 4pm and he's pinned, glued, assembled, undercoated, painted* and based, although the glue on those little rocks is still wet. But he's ready to fight ...

*Painted to 'Two Foot Distance Wargaming Standard'. Which is all any of my stuff gets.

Update: The cave-troll had his fight; he was mobbed by Ratmen early on in the game and killed, without inflicting a single casualty.


  1. Again, wow! You can turn out a good looking figure quick.

  2. Yeah the big guy always gets picked on. If people just took the time to get to know him.....

    Good looking model - none of this "two foot distance nonsense"!

  3. Wait... GW's LOTR figures have been around for TEN YEARS?! How is that possible? Where did the time go?

    1. Pretty sure it's getting on for ten years; I can remember the figures coming out, or being out, when I was working at a particular employer, and I did that from April 2002 to May 2003.

      Ah! A quick look at the HOTT Yahoo Group shows that the first boxed set was available for pre-order in October 2001.


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