Friday, 20 April 2012

Gong Of Blades And Heroes

Another Thursday night down at the university gamers' guild has passed. The role-players weren't there this evening, but there seemed to be a martial arts class going on in one of the rooms.

Anyway, the four of us played 'Song of Blades and Heroes', a session in which we rediscovered Geoff's capacity for rolling ones and learned of Caesar's ability to create powerful, cheesy warbands.

Here's some shots of the evening's games.

Middle Earth Goblins (who still have a cave troll) face GW's Politically Incorrect Pygmies, supported by a Steve Barber giant ground sloth. The green counter behind the troll shows that it has been knocked down. By a pygmy.

On the other table (which lacked a board, or even a green cloth) Caesar's cheesy Ratmen (all gregarious long shooters with a CV4 tough leader) fought Geoff's Wood Elves.

Back to the Goblins and Pygmies - this was a long game, with two large warbands.

The troll is felled by the ground sloth. It actually died of embarrassment. The Goblins basically spent the rest of the game running away.

Meanwhile Caesar showed that he could be cheesy with Greek mythology too, pitting Minotaurs against Geoff's hapless Elves.

Finally his Ratmen faced a small, but motivated, force of Elves under my command. The Elves won, but we forgot to apply the Tough rule on the Ratman leader, so they probably wouldn't have done. The game ended with the last elf killing the last rat; everyone else had been killed.

Things that can shoot, hiding in woods, ruled the evening.

(My 50th blog post!)


  1. That Sloth figure just cracks me up! Can we expect to se him in one of your monster rampage games?


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