Saturday 9 December 2023

Aerials For 'Galleys & Galleons'

The 'Fayre Winds and Foul Tides' expansion for Galleys & Galleons adds all sorts of fantastical delights to the game, including a range of aerial options. I made a few of these back when I started playing, but up until this week I hadn't rebased them in keeping with the current look of my fleets. When I used a couple of ornithopters in the game I played last week I decided afterwards that it was time that I rectified this. 

So here's my original batch of aerial vessels - some airships, including the small airship pirate Opehlia Vitrix, and a trio of ornithopters, including the all-red machine of the legendary Crimson Count.

My game last week also inspired me to make a few more ornithopters, and here they are. The fuselage is a piece of matchstick and the rest is card and cunning painting.

I decided to have a go at a larger vessel - a bomber of sorts. It came out OK, and I may make some more.

And encounter between two flights of ornithopters.

My other aerial element (still unbased) - the flying island of Laputa.


  1. They look terrific. Nice builds.

  2. Great work! Really nice models Kaptain

  3. Simple but VERY effective, Kaptain 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼. Love those ornithopters 🙂. Sea basing is very convincing, too…is that a print or painted? Also, what are the core of the airships made from?

    1. The sea bases are printed. I made a texture image a few years ago from one of my photos, then I can drop it into a Word table with cells sized the bases.

      The airships are 90% 3D printed.

  4. To my mind the airships very much have a look of either a children’s sweet/toy or something medical 😉

    1. I think they were part of a child's mobile on Thingiverse, along with some fun fantasy looking ships (which you will have seen elsewhere on this blog as the Ivory Towers of Balnibarbi). I just scaled them down.

      They did come with a small loop on the top to hang them up with - I cut it off and filled the gap with Milliput.


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