Tuesday, 7 February 2023

Galley Shipyard

I decided to tweak my scratchbuilt ancient galleys a little yesterday. I'd never been happy with how I'd broken up the flat decks, and decided to do something better. This is how they look now; I think they're more aesthetically pleasing.

I did the same for some galleys I put together last year but hadn't started painting. I'm expanding my forces to include more quadriremes and quinqueremes, as well as a couple of hexareme flagships. Galleys & Galleons only has one type larger than that - a catch-all polyreme for anything bigger than a six. I'm still working on a design for those.

The two galleys at the front are rough drafts for a bireme design. I like it, so I have cut out all the necessary bits for another fourteen of them, which I will assemble this weekend when I'm away on a short family break.

This will add some more stuff to my currently active painting table.

I have been thinking about a possible different design for my triremes, but since I only redesigned them last year I might hold off on that for a little, since this one would require scrapping them and starting from the ground up. Not sure I fancy that at the moment.


  1. Your creativity and productivity is astonishing. 'another fourteen' LOL. Lovely stuff, look forward ng forward to seeing the new batch painted.

    1. They're done now. I'll photograph them next week.


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