Monday, 10 February 2014

Swedes And Russians - The Cavalry And Artillery

I painted these the other day after finishing and photographing the infantry, but didn't get chance to photograph them until this evening.

Firstly, here's the mounted officer who was still just a blob in the previous pictures. Now he's less of a blob, as well as being out of focus.

Artillery - Swedish on the left and Russian on the right. I may do a bit more on the guns - perhaps some colour trim on the wheels.

Swedish cavalry.

Russian cavalry

A bit of a fracas.


  1. Coming along nicely! I particularly like the pose of the cavalry - sabre swinging and animated. Nice work on the guns too. They knobbley bits on the wheel rims can be highlighted if you can be bothered, but they look fine as is. They're all starting to look like real little men, although the Riskovians had a unique charm which I'll miss. The Russians and Swedes however will look awesome on the battlefield.

    1. Yes, it's the knobbly bits on the wheels I may paint - yellow for the Swedes and ... something ... for the Russians :)

      I shall miss the bright pink Riskovians, but the painted versions are growing on me.

  2. These are really starting to look the part, and no mistake! I did wonder what the dribbly candle thing was in the previous pictures: simply could not make out the mounted officer figure at all. The green/red and blue/yellow liveries make a fine contrast, too. These will look really pretty when battle is joined.

  3. Somewhere is a Dorling Kindersley book about Arms and Armour there is a picture of a Swedish artillery piece from this period. It is blue with yellow trim and looks stunning.


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