Sunday, 16 February 2014

Two Years!

The Stronghold Rebuilt has now been running for two years, and I'm still finding things to post about. How about that?

As with the first year, for a blog that was conceived to be a repository for posts about 'Hordes of the Things', it's seen a majority of posts about other games. I could have done what other people do, and have a different blog for different types of games, and it has to be said that single-subject blogs are not without there appeal. But my ability to concentrate on one game or project for more than a few days at a time is so limited that it would be pointless; I'd have heaps of blogs in no time at all, and I have enough trouble maintaining the four that I do post in. This one get's 90% of my blog time, rest assured - the others aren't game-related*.

Anyway, I won't bore you with a run-down of the last year; I pretty much did that at the start of January. suffice to say it's been a varied year of interesting games, and I've had fun sharing them with you.

In the meantime, here's another picture of my Great Northern War Swedish infantry. I will probably give the bases a temporary coat of green until I decide how I'm going to do the army as a whole. In addition I'm not doing the flags, as I may replace the standard bearers with better figures, converted from the basic infantryman in the same way that I did the pikes. That will have to wait until the batch of Risk figures I've ordered from eBay arrives ...

And now it's time to get back to painting the Swedish cavalry and artillery. My aim is to have all figures, if not the bases, completed by the end of the weekend. It's raining here, so I can't see us going out anywhere.

*There's one for our business, one in which I sometimes document  my crossdressing adventures and a new one I'm using to publish  my old writings on the Sherlock Holmes stories.


  1. Congrats on the 2 years. I don't comment as often as I should - the peril of following so many blogs I guess.

    1. I wouldn't worry - you'll notice that my comment rate is pretty low as well :)

  2. Congratulations! I always take inspiration from your blog even in if it affects my "ability to concentrate on one game or project for more than a few days at a time". :-)

  3. Congrats on 2 years! I look forward to more posts in the future...

  4. Well done on your first two years - great stuff!

  5. Two years already? Time flies when you're having fun reading your blog. Congratulations on the milestone and nice work painting those Swedes so quickly.

  6. Congrats on two years! I've been reading for about a year now. I really enjoy the after-battle reports you give. Was especially engrossed by your series of monster attack scenarios.


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