Sunday, 17 February 2013

Building The Lonely Mountain

John, Caesar and I spent this afternoon making the mountain spurs for our forthcoming Battle of the Five Armies HOTT game for this year's Gong Con. A daunting prospect for me, as I don't really take to DIY projects; I'm happy putting together and painting soldiers and small terrain pieces, but power-tools an I don't mix.

I made sure I had access to suitable protection.

John showed Caesar his hoard ...

Work begins - cutting wood to length:

Cutting it to shape:

And then smoothing it off:

 The finished spurs, plus the base of the Lonely Mountain, which is yet to be built. After the next test game we'll start the painting.

Note the healthy outdoor Aussie lifestyle. And the fact that, with three tools going all afternoon, we were probably less than popular with the neighbours.


  1. The climate must be a real help.I remember shivery sessions terrain making outside/in a leaky garage for a forthcoming show many moons ago.
    I look forward to seeing the finished work.

    1. Except I think I may have sunburn now :)


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