Saturday, 4 July 2020

Aztecs vs Mound Builders - HOTT

I played a quick game of HOTT this morning, pitting the Mound Builders against some Aztecs. 

The Aztec plan was bad. Split the army and try to swamp one flank with the hordes. This requires PIPs and timing. The Aztecs failed on both accounts.

The Mound Builders were in a strong position, with their toughest troops in the centre and their flanks covered by swarms of missile troops in bad going.

And their 'dragon' - a shaman-summoned Thunder-Bird, turned up quickly.

The Aztec advance was slow.

And the advance of the hordes was quickly broken up by missile fire.

The main part of the Aztec line continued to advance very slowly, whilst the Mound Builders shuffled troops ready for the attack.

The Thunder-Bird flew into the Aztec rear, ready to pick off troops if they retreated from the rain of arrows, dars and spears the attacking Aztecs would be subjected too.

Broken up and already suffering casualties the Aztecs charged. The ensuing scrum was something of a stalemate.

The Thunder-Bird attacked and destroyed the magicians supporting the Aztec commander.

But by now the Aztecs had their own 'dragon' on the board, in the form of a feathered serpent. With little left to lose, it attacked the Thunder-Brd, and in the first piece of good fortune for the Aztecs, destroyed it.

It then swung across to attack the Mound Builder line, scattering a mob of stinkards.

But the other Aztec flank was compromised niw, and losses there broke the army - their serpent had arrived too late

Poor PIPS and a poor setup saw the Aztecs attacking a tough foe too slowly and in insufficient numbers.

I'm tempted to do a refight using DBA tomorrow.


  1. i notice that in hott and dba games aztecs field lots of hordes, I suppose it's a dbm legacy but considering the aztecs' reputation I find that surprising

    1. I think the claim in the army notes is that they generally won by outnumbering their opponents. In HOTT the hordes allow them to do this, but the individual elements are a bit weak. In DBA hordes are pretty good these days.

      Note that in DBA there is an option to field the bulk of the warriors as Ax instead (and I think you can mix and match Hd and Ax as well).


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