Saturday, 19 October 2019

Volcano Fun

Caesar, John and I tried 'Mighty Monsters' again on Thursday, playing a modified version of the Volcano Fun scenario in the rules.

Each of us ran a pair of monsters or mechs, with a theme to each one.

Caesar ran a pair of Monsterpocalypse mechs - Mecha Khan (the lizard)  and Mecha Kondo (the gorilla).

John ran a pair of jaegers - Crimson Typhoon and Cherno Alpha.

I ran a pair of giant gorillas - Ape-X and the massive Gokura.

Caesar and John stuck to the sea at the start, in order to avoid potential lava flows from the volcano. Mecha Khan inflicted some hits on Cherno Alpha with its missile pods.

My gorillas were on the opposite side of the volcano to the two teams of mechs, so initially just watched the fight.

But what of the volcano? It would start erupting if any monster rolled more than two failures on their activation dice. I managed this on my very first turn. On the very first activation, in fact. The initial eruption caused earthquakes which could potentially knock monsters down, and flying debris, which could damage them (but didn't). After that it had a random effect, diced for at the start of each turn - see below.

Each subsequent time a player rolled two failed activations, the next player in the sequence could place a section of lava, which either had to be touching the central volcano, or an existing piece of lava. Any monster hit by the lava was 'attacked'.

And here you can see the volcano in action - Gokura and Mecha Kondo were closing on each other, but lava was already flowing from the volcano towards them.

On the other side of table Crimson Typhoon and Ape-X got stuck into each other. John threw Crimson Typhoon straight into combat, in order to avoid the ape's powerful plasma-gun.

Earth tremors knocked them both down, and they both took hits from lava.

Meanwhile the two giant gorillas, organic and mechanical, were slogging it out. Caesar brought up Mecha Khan to help his other mech though.

Gokura was now fighting two opponents. Points are scored in this scenario for defeating opposing monsters, so I concentrated Gokura's attacks on the weaker of the two foes - Mecha Khan. Avoiding its buzz-saw tail, Gokura grappled the mechanical lizard, and then over a couple of turns pulled it to pieces.

Crimson Typhoon and Ape-X both escaped the lava, but Ape-X got the iitiative, and fired a deadly series of plasma bolts from his gun, temporarily disabling Crimson Typhoon. The slower Cherno Alpha was coming up in support - but would it arrive in time?

No. It wouldn't. Ape-X finished off Crimson Typhoon.

Gokura finished smashing mecha Khan, but was taking a lot of damage from Mecha Kondo.

They were both knocked down by an earth tremor, and caught in lava. Mecha Kondo recovered first, and finished off Gokura.

Ape-X prepared to fight Cherno Alpha, but couldn't get off a shot with his gun.

Cherno Alpha slowly closed the range and plodded into action, giant fists flying.

Mecha Kondo bounded across the table (dodging lava all the way) and also entered the fight.

In one turn Cherno Alpha defeated them both!

John and I had defeated two opponents each, whilst Caesar had defeated one. But we gave John the win for having the last monster standing.

We used a few of my house-rules in the game and they seemed to work OK, but we found a few more grey areas as well (particularly with regard to how to adjudicate damage on mechs) which I will address at some stage.

As for the volcano:

At the start of each turn roll a D6:

1 - The volcano does nothing horrible this turn.
2-3 - Earth Tremors - Any monster not already knocked down, in the water, airborne, or that is amorphous rolls a single D6 against the Leg Q value. If it fails then they are Knocked Down.
4-5 - Volcanic Ash means that all ranged combat is at -1 this turn.
6 - Earth tremors and Volcanic Ash - Apply both effects for the turn.

Monday, 14 October 2019

Monster Atoll

I tried another game of Mighty Monsters yesterday, with designs very much based around close combat - the jaegers Crimson Typhoon and Cherno Alpha on one aide, and the kaijus Brutathrax and Mogul on the other, the first a crab-creature and the other an acid-spitting worm with legs.

All the combatants are amphibious, so I left my sea cloth on the table, and used islands as the terrain.

You can see my venerable cork pieces in use here, as well as some new wooden islands/hills I picked up on Saturday at the Illawarra Festival of Wood (really). They are burls from fallen trees, and the five pieces you can see in the foreground of this picture cost me a grand total of $10.

The monsters had to destroy the pagoda at the other end of the atoll, and defeat at least one jaeger.

Cherno Alpha moved up on Mogul, taking some hits from the kaiju's acid spit.

Brutathrax looked set to be engaged by Crimson Typhoon, but some terrible activations by the jaeger allowed the kaiju to sidestep and move to the pagoda by another route. Moving onto the islands took a movement action, so movement around the table was faster in the straits between them.

Crimson Typhoon and Cherno Alpha both attacked Mogul, the latter pounding the monster with his mighty fists.

Crimson Typhoon saw the danger to the pagoda, though, and finally got enough movement to block the advance of Brutathrax. Scoring damage on the well-armoured kaiju was a different matter, however.

Mogul kept falling back, throwing seemingly endless quantities of acid at Cherno Alpha, who was beginning to look somewhat damaged by now. Both kaiju had also taken a couple of hits, however.

Brutathrax got past Crimson Typhoon and headed for the pagoda.

It was easily destroyed. Now the kaiju just had to take down a jaeger.

The wounds the monsters had taken were beginning to tell, though. Brutathrax stumbled, and Crimson Typhoon was able to get in a few more hits.

But Mogul was holding out, despite the slow pounding Cherno Alpha was dishing out.

Mogul's wounds also caused it to stumble, but that didn't prevent another acid attack, which hit the jaeger's cockpit straight on, disabling both pilots and causing the mech to shut down.

A win for the monsters!

The game was a chance to try out the new terrain pieces, but I also used it to tweak a few more rules ideas I'm playing with.

Sunday, 13 October 2019


This year, for the first time since I arrived in Australia, I went to MOAB as a regular punter. I was neither playing in any competitions, nor was I involved in running and demo/participation games.

As it was I managed to fill the day rather nicely, hung out with various friends and associates and, of course, spent some of my hard-earned cash on stuff which will probably sit in cupboards until I die and my children are left to work out what to do with it.

So what did I get?

I always end up buying some Bones. Whether I'll ever get around to painting any of them remains to be seen. These are destined for either Battlesworn or my small collection of 25mm HOTT armies.

I got these 18mm Four Horseman of the Apocalypse from Slave2Gaming.

Also some winged imps, which you can see in an unassembled pile at the bottom of the picture.

My biggest purchase was a pile of Monsterpocalypse stuff from the bring and buy.

I got plenty of kaiju and mechs.

There was also a pile of the smaller 'things' that were part of the game - some vehicles as well as mini-monsters.

My favourites - a lorry transporting an egg, and these giant gorillas, one of which is carrying a field howitzer as a gun.

I've already taken some of the big monsters off their clunky game bases, although few of them stand up unaided like that and will need to be rebased.

Friday, 11 October 2019

Frocktober 2019 - Part 1

Yes, it's that time of year again. The time of year when I wear more dresses than I normally do (and that's saying something), post lots of pictures and actively encourage you all to donate to FROCKTOBER!

So what is Frocktober? Well, here in Australia it's an annual charity event where those of us who like to wear a nice dress from time to time put them on, show them off and encourage people to contribute money to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Ovarian cancer is a gynecological cancer that's particularly hard to detect, and the foundation's researches are focused very much on making detection easier. Because early detection makes the likelihood of an effective treatment higher. And effective treatment is what we want; an Australian woman dies of ovarian cancer every eight hours.

The hardcore Frocktober participants will wear a different outfit on each of the 31 days of October. Some even do themed challenges. If you're on Instagram or Twitter you can follow the hashtags #Frocktober2019 or simply #Frocktober and see what they're up to. My goals are more modest. Wearing a frock every day for 31 days isn't really viable for me, so once again I have set myself the challenge of at least ten frocks during the course of the month. Last year I actually managed thirteen frocks on eleven days, so I did pretty well. We also raised $850, which was far more than we expected.

Once again my wife, daughter and I have formed a team, and once again it's called IT HAS POCKETS. That's a link. You can click it, and donate. Try it.

Anyway, this is my progress so far.

Frock One - A cute little number I wore for work.

Frock Two - My favourite retro-style flamingo-print dress. Actually my only retro-style flamingo-print dress. I wore this to MOAB for maximum visibility.

I know I've yet to do a post about MOAB itself. I'll deal with it this weekend.

Frock Three - Another day at work, and I went for something a little professional.

But maybe not too professional ...

Catherine and Maya have not been inactive either; here's a sample of their progress so far.

That link for donations again:


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