Thursday 21 September 2023

Buildings Of The Emirates

Martin Smith was asking about the model I used as the stronghold in my most recent game, so I thought I'd do a quick post on it since he's not the first person to ask.

Many years ago, before I lived in Australia, I lived in close proximity to Heathrow Airport. So local car-boot sales often had odd bits of airline merchandising in them. And that's where I found these:

As you can see they were produced by Emirates and, intriguingly, are part of a series of at least eleven models. Naturally they are all of 'local' Emirates buildings.

The first one, and one that sees the most use in games is the Sharjah Souk - essentially a large modern shopping mall. It makes a great general-purpose stronghold, and has also featured in my giant monster games.

Each model has a nice felt bottom. The label tells you what scale the model is.

This one also sees use as a stronghold from time to time. It's a 1/100th (so 15mm) model of the Shindagh Watchtower

It's a great model for fans of pareidolia ...

... and Picasso

This one is my favourite, which is odd because I keep forgetting I have it and it never sees much table time - a 1/300th model of the Al Jahili Fort. A bit big for DBA, but an occasional large footprint stronghold. 

It's roughly 4" square. I'm thinking that it might look quite nice as part of a horse and musket game featuring my Nottomans, if I ever finish them.


  1. Thanks, Kaptain. They look neat..and with the original boxes, too! Great terrain or stronghold items…👍🏼👍🏼.(and love the Picasso reference 🙃)

  2. The watchtower is great and deserves regular use. As you say, the fortress is a touch large - but it’s still a lovely model.
    Geoff 😉


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