Saturday, 5 December 2020

HOTT 52 - Week 49 - Daleks vs Weird WWII Americans

I promised that I'd let the Daleks have another outing after their comprehensive trouncing by UNIT the other week, and today I did that. 

I selected my Weird WWII Americans as an opponent and they got to defend, laying down some useful bocage and a couple of hills.

I picked up these ceramic ornaments in a charity shop the other say, so thought I'd use them as the stronghold.

Captain America stood firm in the front line, whilst the Sergenat York was held in reserve with The General. Captain America was flanked by Lassie.

The Daleks had a strong aerial contingent, led by their command saucer, as well as some human mercenary allies.

The Americans advanced, with Lassie and Sergeant York covering the flank against a sudden aerial attack.

The Daleks pushed forward slowly, hamperd by the bocage.

The special weapons Dalek and the mercenaries fired on the Americans, to little real effect.

The Americans attacked in the centre and on their right, leaving their left held on the security of a hill.

The General led from the front.

Sergeant York dealt with some of teh mercenaries, but the rest of the Americans were pushed back. This was a good moment for a strong Dalek counter-attack.

Instead they rolled a second '1' for PIPs and did little more than reorganise their line.

The Americans pressed forward again, led by Captain America and The General.

The last of the mercenaries fell, as did the special weapons Dalek

The Daleks were in serious trouble, and could do little more in response than a furious attack on the American left flank.

The American infantry were driven back ...

... but returned to the fray.

The command saucer survived an attack from The General and Captain America, but more Daleks fell to the furiously charging Americans, and the Daleks retreated.

So the poor Daleks did no better in this outing than their last. Splitting up the aerials was a bit silly, although a complete PIP drought at the key moment of the battle didn't help either.


  1. So, USA! USA! beat Exterminate! Exterminate! ? Go America! :)

  2. What did I tell you, they should have hired Dunlendings XD

    Speaking of Wb, I just came across a turkey of an italian movie, Cæsar the Conqueror. Since you've given us lists based on such weird gems as Açoka and Pulgasari I suppose you've seen it, but if you haven't it's on Youtube.

    The last half-hour has two battles that look like they've potential, so if you need 1 or 2 to round your numbers…

    . Blade General : Cæsar and staff with guards
    . 5 Blades
    . 1 Spear : some legionaries fight with those instead of swords
    . 3 Shooters : bowmen, slingers
    . 2 Riders
    . Rider General : Vercingetorix with silly helmet+queen Astrid+guards
    . 2 Riders
    . 8 Warbands
    . 1 Shooter : bowmen

    N°2 replaces Alesia because sieges are boring.
    Possibly because of the slaughter in N°1, non-missile foot plays a much lesser part. I rate the Gauls horse as Knights as they charge blindly, are cut down by massive bow fire and are outmanœuvered by their Roman counterparts.
    . Blade General : Cæsar and staff with guards
    . 3 Blades
    . 4 Shooters : bowmen
    . 4 Riders
    . Knight General : Vercingetorix with silly helmet+queen Astrid+guards
    . 7 Knights
    . 4 Warbands

    Lots more battles to you !

  3. Excellent stuff and linked over at

    Brian & Mel


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