Saturday, 5 August 2017

Maya For DBA

Twenty years ago I bought some Mayan warriors in order to do a HOTT army. My then newly-born daughter is called Maya, and I just happened to be thinking along the lines of "Wouldn't it be fun to have an army named after her." Sleepless nights. I wasn't thinking straight. And I have an Alan army for DBA as well, in case you're wondering. But I digress.

Anyway, I painted this army, and it's popped out for the odd game of HOTT every so often. Several years ago I improved the paint job and rebased it.

In an earlier post I showcased my new Mound Builder American army for DBA. In it I noted that I had a HOTT Aztec army which would convert to a DBA one to become an historical opponent for it. The other day I realised that if my Maya could be brought into line with their DBA list, they could be an opponent for the Aztecs. I'd have three 15mm DBA armies!

So I checked the lists, dug out some suitable (if not perfect) figures, and tried to match their painting and basing to the older troops.

Here's the result. The Mayan army is split into four sub-lists, but only the last two overlap with the Aztecs, so I just made sure I had the troops for those. At the back are the auxilia which make up the bulk of the army, plus some blades or solid auxilia in the centre. In the foreground are bows and psiloi.

The general's element (left) and another blade element. In the earlier of the two list these are solid blades. in the later list you only get one of them and it's solid auxilia instead. The later general can be normal auxilia as well, but I didn't do a three-figure element for that. It's the one option I can't do.

The rest of the auxilia - eight of them. This is the core of the army.

The earlier list is allowed a four-figure bow element of mercenary archers.

One of the figures is removable, and can be inserted onto a psiloi element for the later list, which has elements where the option is three-figure bows or psiloi.

Both lists have one psiloi element, and the later list can field two elements as either bow or psiloi. These are the necessary figures to do that. In actual fact one of the psiloi elements should apparently be hornet-nest throwers. Maybe I'll do those at a later date.

For HOTT purposes I have an aerial hero. Mayan accounts of one of their battles against the Spanish include heroes who turn into eagles or lightning and fly into the attack.

I decided some suitable scenery was in order, and printed off one of the many Mayan pyramids available for download on Thingiverse. Five minutes research in Google showed me that apparently they painted their pyramids red.

It's slightly underscale compared to the figures, but will make a nice stronghold for HOTT or an edifice BUA for DBA.


  1. Good stuff Alan, were these the ones that Nic used to sell? Can't tell new from old as your paint job matches well.

    1. I think they were the old Gladiator Games figures (my Aztecs are, certainly). I can't remember who makes them now. The new figures are a random mix of things from my spares.

  2. Neat! You know, you could now run Empire of Petal Throne/Tekumel DBA2HOTT games now... Mesoamerican troops are perfect for Tsolyani units!

  3. Interesting and colorful army! I like the paper temple too!

    1. Thank you. But the temple's not paper - it's 3D-printed in plastic :)


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